E Passport Bd Fee (epassport) & How to apply – Easy way 2022

If you finding E-Passport Bd Fee (epassport)? Here is your E-Passport bd price, E-Passport bd apply, online Passport check & all information about this service.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate this passport service on 17 December 2019. First, an e-passport will be handed over to the President, the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Parliament.

E Passport Bd Fee

The e-passport will be on pages 48 and 64. There are three types of passport distribution procedures for new applicants. Simple, urgent and urgent.

E-passports are operational in 118 countries including the UK, US, Europe, and Canada. Bangladesh is entering the e-passport like the 119 countries.

Seven e-gates have been set up at terminal No. 2 at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. With this e-gate, passengers can travel using e-passport at the fastest time.

The e-gate will be connected to the server of the NID and passport department. It is impossible to pass through this gate without the person having the right epassport.

E Passport Bd Fee

E Passport Bd Fee for Bangladeshi

The fee has been fixed for those who live in Bangladesh.

5 Years (48 Pages)3,500 Tk.5,500 Tk.7,500 Tk.
10 Years (48 Pages)5,500 Tk.7,000 Tk.9,000 Tk.
5 Years (64 Pages)5,500 Tk.7,500 Tk.10,500 Tk.
10 Years (64 Pages)7,000 Tk.9,000 Tk.12,000 Tk.

Fee for Foreigner Bangladeshi

For Bangladeshis who live abroad, this fee has been fixed.

5 Years (48 Pages)100 Dollar150 Dollar
10 Years (48 Pages)125 Dollar175 Dollar
5 Years (64 Pages)150 Dollar200 Dollar
10 Years (64 Pages)175 Dollar225 Dollar

Fee for Foreigner Bangladeshi (Workers & Students)

The fee has been fixed for workers and students living abroad. The embassy paid surcharges will also be associated with these fees for ordinary residents, workers or students.

5 Years (48 Pages)30 Dollar45 Dollar
10 Years (48 Pages)50 Dollar75 Dollar
5 Years (64 Pages)150 Dollar200 Dollar
10 Years (64 Pages)175 Dollar225 Dollar
E Passport Bd Fee

How to e passport bd apply?

The e-passport application should be filled according to the National Identity Card (NID) or Birth Registration Certificate (BRC).

Minor (Under 18) Applicant who does not have a National Identity Card (NID), his/her parent’s National Identity Number (NID) must be specified.

The documents required for the e-passport application need not be verified. You don’t even need to add and attach pictures.

However, the original copy of the national identity card will be required to get an E passport.

E-passport Delivery time

There are three types of passport distribution procedures for new applicants. Normal, urgent and Emergency.

Passport TypleDelivery Type
Normal21 Days
Urgent7 Days
Emergency3 Days

Normal Passport

If the police clearance and other information are correct then the passport will be available within 21 business days.

Urgent Passport

The passport will be issued within 7 business days if the police clearance and other information are correct.

Emergency Passport

An emergency passport will be given within 72 hours or 3 days. In this case, the applicant of the passport must collect the police clearance certificate and submit it with the application.

More About epassport?

The E-Passport is a biometric passport. So that an electronic microprocessor chip is connected. This microprocessor chip will store biographical and biometric information of the passport holder, to confirm the identity of the passport holder.

In addition, e-passport will have 38 such security features. The information currently in the Machine Readable Passport (MRP) database will be transferred to the e-passport (e passport form bangladesh).