Dhaka To Rajshahi Flight Schedule & Ticket Price 2023

Do you want to know Dhaka To Rajshahi Flight Schedule? Yes! you came to the right place. Here you get the latest Dhaka-Rajshahi Flight schedule & Rent.

Rajshahi is of great importance as a divisional city. Many people come from Dhaka to Rajshahi every week.

There are two bus trains on the Dhaka Rajshahi route and their service is also very good. But for those who want to travel faster, the sky is the way.

Rajshahi city located in the north-west of the country and has an estimated population of fewer than 475,000 people. The city spread over an area of 96.69 sq. km (37.33 sq mi), just on the northern bank of the mighty river the Padma.

Rajshahi is well connected to the rest of the country through roads, rail, and air. Taxicabs are available, but Rickshaw & auto-rickshaw are main city transports.

There are other attractions also in Rajshahi namely, Bagha Mosque, a historical site, picture of this mosque in one side of 50 taka note.

Traveling in the sky is not a fantasy as before. Along with the Bangladesh Biman, many more privately owned airlines are now conducting their business in the country.

Their planes are also nice, safe and comfortable. Naturally, the journey to Dhaka will be very short and hassle-free. As a sky track, you have to cross 198 km.

The nice thing is that it will take you only 45 minutes to 55 minutes maximum. The flights on Dhaka Rajshahi route will fly from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka and land at Shah Makhdum Airport in Rajshahi in just an hour!

The number of passengers on Dhaka to Rajshahi airlines is relatively low. People now want to pay more for the time. Because time means more possibilities and opportunities.

Dhaka To Rajshahi Flight Schedule
Dhaka To Rajshahi Flight Schedule

Dhaka To Rajshahi Flight Schedule

The airlines that serve Dhaka Rajshahi route are – Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Novoair & US Bangla Airlines. Of these, NovoAir and US Bangla Airlines operate flights weekly.

Bangladesh Airlines operates flights only on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday. On these days only 3 flights are operated on Dhaka Rajshahi route. The rest of the day operates 2 flights.

On the Dhaka Rajshahi route, these three airlines operate different flights at different times. Here you get the latest Flight Schedule by the table.

Flight numbers and other information were obtained from the respective airline’s website. Airplane routines can change at any time. In that case, all the responsibility is with the respective airlines.

Bangladesh Biman | Dhaka To Rajshahi Flight Schedule

Firstly we tell you Bangladesh Biman Latest air schedule of Dhaka to Rajshahi route. This schedule managed by Bangladesh Biman Airlines.

Bangladesh Biman operates only one flight on this route every day. This is the schedule.

Flight NoDhaka LeaveRajshahi ReachedDays
491 03:30 pm04:20 pmSat, Sun, Mon, Wed
49104:00 pm04:50 pmTues, Fri
491 06:00 pm06:50 pmThurs

Here you get the latest Bangladesh Biman Airlines Schedule

NovoAir | Dhaka To Rajshahi Flight Schedule

Flight NoDhaka LeaveRajshahi ReachedDays
VQ989 10:30 am11:20 amEvery day

Here you get the latest Novoair Schedule

US Bangla Airlines | Dhaka To Rajshahi Flight Schedule

Flight NoDhaka LeaveRajshahi ReachedDays
BS16303:00 pm03:50 pmEvery day

Here you get the latest US Bangla Airlines Schedule

Dhaka To Rajshahi Flight Tickets

People still have many misconceptions about airline fares. Many people think that traveling in the sky is only a matter of the upper class, not the middle class or lower class. But it is not.

Different airlines have now reduced airline fares to encourage passengers to travel by air. Airline fares are always changing.

Prices may vary depending on the travel date. In that case, the rent may decrease or increase slightly. However, the difference is usually not too much.

Nevertheless, we have tried to get an idea about the flight fares from Dhaka to Rajshahi. This information is taken from the respective airline’s website.

Different airlines have different airline fares. Companies arrange different classes or classes for passenger transport. Classroom rentals vary.

Bangladesh Biman 2,500 Tk. (super saver)7,000 Tk. (Economy Flexible)
Novoair 2,700 Tk. (Special Promo Package)8,200 Tk. (Flexible)
US Bangla Airlines 2,699 Tk. (Promotional Economy)6,000 Tk. (Regular Economy)

How To Buy an air ticket?

The passport will not be required for internal air travel. So there is no problem with the journey of air travel. For security reasons, only your national identity card will be run.

If there is no national ID, then there will be an ID of an authorized office or educational institution.

You can take a flight from Dhaka to Saidpur from your preferred air office. You can also make tickets from websites.

Those who like a discount, they can take tickets from travel agencies. You can get some discount in this case.

Here is the popular online travel agency list-

  1. travellink.com
  2. tripadvisor.com
  3. flightsearchdirect.com

Luggage information | Dhaka To Rajshahi Flight Schedule

According to the rules, every one of the economy passengers can carry a check amount of 20 kg. Besides, 7 kg of cargo luggage can be carved. Dhaka To Rajshahi Flight Schedule

Business-class passengers can carry 30 kg check goods and carry 7 kg cabin luggage. If you want to transport more luggage than the additional fee. Dhaka To Rajshahi Flight Schedule

Please contact your specific airlines to know about this fee.

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Source Bangladesh Biman Novo Air US Bangla
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