Dhaka To Rajshahi Bus Ticket Price & Counter Number 2024

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Rajshahi is one of the oldest and most traditional metropolitan cities in Bangladesh. It is the largest city in North Bengal. Rajshahi city is situated on the banks of the river Padma.

Rajshahi is a divisional city in the northern part of Bangladesh. This city situated on the Padma river is quite ancient and traditional.

Rajshahi has a reputation as an educator. One of the busiest routes in Bangladesh is on the Dhaka Rajshahi route for various reasons. Rajshahi is very important as a divisional city. Many people come from Dhaka to Rajshahi every week.

Dhaka To Rajshahi Bus Ticket Price
Dhaka To Rajshahi Bus Ticket Price

Dhaka To Rajshahi Bus Ticket Price

One of the main ways to get from Dhaka to Rajshahi is by bus. If you are on the bus, you have to travel about 255 km. It will take about 6 to 7 hours. Buses pass through Tangail over the Bangabandhu Bridge.

If the traffic jam is created for any particular reason (such as Eid, Puja), the travel time will be increased by 10-12 hours.

Popular buses in this route are- Desh travels, Shymoli Paribahan, Tuhin line, Grameen Travels, National travels, Ekota transport & Ena transport.

BusAC FairNon AC Fair
Desh Travels1400 Taka700 Taka
Shanti Paribahan700 Taka
Grameen Travels700 Taka
Chapai Travels700 Taka
Shyamoli NR700 Taka
Akota Transport700 Taka
KTC Hanif700 Taka

This latest information collected from the bus counter. However, the price of the ticket may change. Make sure the price is confirmed before you buy your ticket.

Counter Number | Dhaka To Rajshahi Bus Ticket Price

Here is your all bus counters number. You can call any time for your tickets. so friends just call & get your tickets.

Desh Travels | Dhaka To Rajshahi Bus Ticket Price

CounterContact Number
Arambag02-7192345, 01762-684430, 01709-989436
Mohakhali01705- 430566
Uttara Azampur01762-685091
Kolabagan02-9124544, 01762-684431, 01709-989435
Kollanpur02-8091613, 01762-684440।
City bypass01762-684421
Shyamoli Paribahan

Shyamoli Paribahan | Dhaka To Rajshahi Bus Ticket Price

CounterContact Number
Gabtoli01865-068925, 02-9014359, 02-9014560
Saydabad02-7541336, 02-7541249, 02-7541953
Rajshahi01919-317323, 01791-963363
Dinajpur01819-120884, 01729-246614
Bagura051-64244, 051-64155

Akota Transport | Dhaka To Rajshahi Bus Ticket Price

CounterContact Number
Uttara Azampur01717-551107
Tongi Hasan Market01772-115729

Rules for collecting tickets | Dhaka To Rajshahi Bus Schedule

Usually you have to collect tickets from the counter. Tickets are usually paid on a regular basis.

Authorities issue tickets in both computerized and manual ways. Ticket reservations need to be contacted directly or by telephone at least 6 hours before the departure.

Payment of ticket reservation is also required to be paid at least 6 hours in advance. At least 4 hours before the return of the ticket must be contacted.

Facilities & Caution

  • A passenger can carry up to 15kg of freight without charge.
  • There is room for passengers to sit in the AC attached room on the counter.
  • The car has a first aid box with the necessary equipment and medicine.
  • Video footage of all the passengers was collected during the journey.
  • Additionally, photocopies of passengers’ national identity cards were collected.
  • Carrying digested food products is strictly prohibited.
  • You have to keep your money, gold and other valuables in your charge.
  • It is advisable to refrain from eating or drinking anything from a stranger or person.
  • There is no special or separate seat for children, women and the disabled.

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