Dhaka To Kolkata Train Maitree express Schedule & Ticket 2020

Maitree Express is the one & Only train in the Dhaka To Kolkata Train Schedule. Now I will tell you all this latest information about this train.

There are three ways to go to India. one on the land route trains on the land and the plane in the air.

Recently there has been a lot of improvement in India-Bangladesh immigration status, so the visits have been much easier. Today we will talk about India’s Bangladesh Friendship Train.

Once again, the entry of any port, entry into the sky, rail and Haridaspur, allowing them to enter India by land is much easier. And so if any port entry/exit you can easily go to Dhaka-Kolkata.

The cost of the train is less, the trouble is less and the plans planned in the future will start on November 3, when all the hassles related to immigration can be made from cantonment station in Dhaka, so the problem is going down further.

So for those who are interested in going to Kolkata by train, the schedule of Maitree express, rent, and other information are given today.

maitree express

Dhaka To Kolkata Train Schedule

Now I will tell you Dhaka to Kolkata train schedule with the time table. Here you get all the train’s latest rent & all update information.

Days Leave (Dhaka time) Train No
Friday 08:10 am 3107
Saturday 08:10 am 3110
Sunday 08:10 am 3107
Wednesday 08:10 am 3110

Kolkata To Dhaka Train Schedule

Days Leave (Kolkata time) Train No
Friday 07:10 am 3109
Saturday 07:10 am 3108
Monday 07:10 am 3108
Tuesday 07:10 am 3109

Dhaka to Kolkata Train Fare

Class Rent Travel tax
AC First class cabin 2935 Taka. 500 Taka
AC Chair 1955 Taka. 500 Taka

Child Policy

Up to the age of 5 years will be charged at 50% of the fare for the class of travel. Travel Tax and Vat will be charged if applicable.

Train Tracking

  • Go to your mobile SMS option
  • tr <space> Train no. Or tr <space> Train name
  • Send to 16318
  • The immediate location of the train will be informed via SMS again.
  • SMS charge 4 taka+vat.

More Information

  • Ticket Purchase from Bangladesh: Kamalapur Railway Station, Chittagong Railway Station (9 am to 5 pm)
  • Ticket Purchase from Kolkata: Chittapur Station (9 am to 5 pm)
  • Journey Time: 8 to 10 hours
  • Dhaka to Kolkata Distance: 538 Km.


To travel by Maitree express passengers have to make your passport with a valid Indian visa. Without a passport and visa, no one can make his journey.

Then you have to collect their train tickets from the railway station. The journey will be started at the Dhaka Cantonment railway station. It’s better if you collect your tickets before 10-15 days.

Government Notification

Here is your Ticket Buy Form. Just Click

Maitree Express: Where can the tickets be available?

Tickets of the India-Bangladesh Maitree Express Train were found in Kamalapur station only.

Tickets for nine hours to seven in the morning You can get an advance ticket for thirty days, but you can not get tickets even after five or six days.

The train is the first choice because it is cheap and comfortable. Thirty days ago you can not take any advance ticket.

Baggage: Baggage is a big problem, and if it is a long journey, then there is no talk. Since you are traveling internationally, you have to be aware of the baggage. Because you have to cross immigration.

How much is the maximum? An adult passenger can take up to 30 kg without extra cost. If there is a child, then it is possible to get up to 20 kg of extra cost.

Additional charge for additional luggage? The amount of extra charge actually falls more than that. If you take 31 kg to 50 kg, you will have to pay a maximum of two dollars in every kilo.

For every kilogram from 51 kg to 100 kg, the cost will be 10 dollars. The best way to save this huge amount is to limit the baggage weight to 30 kilograms.

Luggage adjustment: But if there are a few people have the opportunity to adjust the weight. Suppose your luggage is forty kg, your partner’s weight is 20 kilograms. Sixty kilograms of the two will not be a problem.

Important Tips For you

It is quite comfortable to go to this fully air-conditioned train. In order to complete the work of immigration, you will have to go to the border.

There will be an exit seal in the passport from Bangladesh immigration, by scanning them with the luggage in the Darshana railway station.

After this, India will go through India and get the entry seal from India for immigration scans and passports in the passport.

Be careful of the broker at this time. Many times they will earn a higher price in exchange for a little bit of information by giving false information about common issues and threatening them.

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