Chitra Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023

Here is your Chitra Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price. This is the most popular train in Dhaka to Khulna. If you want to travel Dhaka to Khulna route this train can be good choice for you.

Dhaka to Khulna train journey is very easy and more comfortable than the opposite journey. When you journey before by train you’ll feel enjoy each moment. This journey is really easy and cozy than the other journey. It gives you different kinds of experiences. When you travel by train you will enjoy every moment.

Chitra Express runs from Dhaka to Khulna in a broad gauge bogie. The train has a total of 12 bogeys and 4 seats. The train has two air-conditioned (AC) cabins and AC chair rooms. Additional buggy is added to the train on different days.

Chitra Express Train Schedule
Chitra Express Train Schedule

Chitra Express Train Schedule

Here you will the information about the Chitra Express train schedule. Chitra departs from Dhaka at 07:00 pm and arrives at Khulna at 03:40 am. This time it holds the 763 number.

On the return trip, Chitra Express leaves the Khulna station at 09:00 and reaches Kamalapur station at 05:55 pm. About 9 hours are needed on this journey. The weekly holiday of this train is Monday.

Dhaka to Khulna Train Schedule

Train No764
Kamalapur Departure07:00 pm
Dhaka Airport Departure07:32 pm
Khulna Arrival03:40 am
Journey Time08 Hour 40 Minutes

Khulna to Dhaka Train Schedule

Train No763
Khulna Departure09:00 am
Kamalapur Arrival05:55 pm
Journey Time

Substations | Dhaka to Khulna

This train has many substations. Here i tell you about this with the schedule time.

Station NameArrivalDeparture
Kamalapur07:00 pm
Biman Bandar07:27 pm07:32 pm
Joydebpur07:55 pm07:58 pm
Tangail08:58 pm09:00 pm
BBSetu East09:20 pm09:30 pm
SH M Monsur Ali09:56 pm09:58 pm
Ullapara10:14 pm10:17 pm
Boral Bridge10:34 pm10:36 pm
Chatmohar10:49 pm10:52 pm
Ishwardi11:15 pm11:35 pm
Bheramara11:55 pm11:58 pm
Poradaha12:16 am12:19 am
Alamdanga12:35 am12:38 am
Chuadanga12:55 am12:58 am
Kotchandpur01:41 am01:43 am
Mubarakganj01:52 am01:54 am
Jashore02:20 am02:24 am
Noapara02:52 am02:55 am
Khulna03:40 am

Substations | Khulna to Dhaka

Station NameArrivalDeparture
Khulna09:00 am
Noapara09:31 am09:34 am
Jashore10:02 am10:06 am
Mubarakganj10:47 am10:49 am
Kotchandpur11:00 am11:02 am
Darshana Halt11:25 am11:28 am
Chuadanga11:46 am11:49 am
Alamdanga12:07 pm12:09 pm
Poradaha12:24 pm12:27 pm
Mirpur12:37 pm12:39 pm
Bheramara12:49 pm12:52 pm
Ishwardi01:15 pm01:25 pm
Chatmohar01:48 pm01:56 pm
Boral Bridge02:09 pm02:12 pm
Ullapara02:30 pm02:33 pm
SH M Monsur Ali02:49 pm02:52 pm
BBSetu_East03:45 pm03:47 pm
Tangail04:07 pm04:09 pm
Joydebpur04:59 pm05:01 pm
Biman_Bandar05:22 pm05:25 pm
Kamalapur05:55 pm

Chitra Express Train Ticket price

There are lots of classes on the ticket in Chitra Express. This train ticket price is based on its seat categories. This train ticket begins at 505 takas and ends at 1505 taka. See the below chart and select it as soon as for you.

ClassesRent Per Seat
AC Berth1505 Taka + 15% Vat
AC Single1005 Taka + 15% Vat
Snigdha840 Taka + 15% Vat
Single Chair505 Taka + 15% Vat

Thank you for reading Chitra Express Train Schedule. If you need more information about Bangladesh railway you can visit their website.

How Can You Buy Chitra Express Ticket

You can buy train tickets in two ways. First, go to the railway station directly, secondly online. But you can buy tickets online from the house easily to buy tickets online.

You can buy tickets online from Bangladesh Railway’s own website online. In that case, an online charge will be applicable.

  • Firstly, Go to the near railway station directly.
  • Secondly, You can buy tickets online just a couple of clicks. Here is your Bangladesh railway ticket website link.
  • Thirdly, You can Download RailSheba apps & Purchase more tickets.

Do you want to buy a train ticket? Yes! you have three ways. If you Want to know more this way, then click: Know For E-Ticketing.

How to Track Chitra Express Train

Bangladesh Railway launched the train tracking system on 16 January 2014. This allows passengers to arrive at 16318 by mobile SMS when they leave the train, getting information on train status, next stoppage, real-time departure.

  • Go to your mobile SMS option
  • tr <space> 763/764. OR tr <space> Chitra Express
  • Send to 16318
  • The immediate location of the train will be informed via SMS again.
  • SMS charge 4 taka+vat.

Charge to carry goods in Train

There is a pool arrangement for carrying goods from the station to the compartment or from the compartment. They charge according to the number of goods.

Here are the lists of current charges, although they can be taken care of by the actual cases.

28 kgs (1 bag)30 Taka
28 kgs (2 bags)40 Taka
37 kg (1 bag)40 Taka
37 kg (2 bags)50 Taka
56 kg (1 bag)60 Taka
56 kgs (2 bags)80 Taka

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