Top 20 Best Universities in the World Ranking 2023

Are you curious about the Best Universities in the World Ranking? Welcome! In this post you will learn about the top ten universities in the world. You will also be able to know the means of communication with each university, links to information related to admission and other necessary information.

Every year several organizations publish Rankings on this. Notable among them are Times Higher Education, US News and WSJ College Rankings. The report is published on the basis of various criteria of the educational institutions.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023 include more than 1,600 universities across 99 countries and territories, making them the largest and most diverse university rankings to date.

This year’s ranking analyzed more than 108 million citations across over 14.4 million research publications and included survey responses from almost 22,000 scholars globally. Overall, we collected over 430,000 data points from more than 2,100 institutions that submitted data.

Best Universities in the World
Best Universities in the World

Best Universities in the World Ranking 2023 | Times Higher Education

The University of Oxford tops the ranking for the sixth consecutive year, while mainland China has two institutions in the top 20 for the first time: Peking University and Tsinghua University share 16th place. Institut Polytechnique de Paris is the highest new entry at 95th place, following a merger of five institutions.

Rank Universities NameCountryGlobal Score
01University of OxfordUnited Kingdom95.7
02California Institute of TechnologyUnited States95.0
03Harvard UniversityUnited States95.0
04Stanford UniversityUnited States94.9
05University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom94.6
06Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUnited States94.6
07Princeton UniversityUnited States93.6
08University of California-BerkeleyUnited States92.2
09Yale UniversityUnited States90.8
10University of ChicagoUnited States89.8
11Columbia UniversityUnited States89.6
12Imperial College LondonUnited Kingdom89.3
13Johns Hopkins UniversityUnited States88.4
14University of PennsylvaniaUnited States88.4
15ETH ZurichSwitzerland88.2
16Peking UniversityChina87.5
17Tsinghua UniversityChina87.5
18University of TorontoCanada87.2
19University College LondonUnited Kingdom87.2
20University of California–Los AngelesUnited States86.7

Best Universities in the World Ranking 2023 | USNews Rank

U.S. News & World Report is an American media company that publishes news, consumer advice, rankings, and analysis. It was launched in 1948 as the merger of domestic-focused weekly newspaper U.S. News and international-focused weekly magazine World Report.

They also publish Best Universities in the World Ranking every year. Here is their top ranking 2022 list.

Rank Universities NameCountryGlobal Score
01Harvard UniversityUnited States100
02Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUnited States97.5
03Stanford UniversityUnited States95.6
04University of California–BerkeleyUnited States89.4
05University of OxfordUnited Kingdom87.1
06Columbia UniversityUnited States86.7
07University of WashingtonUnited States86.5
08University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom86.1
09California Institute of TechnologyUnited States85.5
10Johns Hopkins UniversityUnited States85.5
11University of California–San FranciscoUnited States85.4
12Yale UniversityUnited States85.2
13University of PennsylvaniaUnited States84.8
14University of California–Los AngelesUnited States84.7
15University of ChicagoUnited States84.5
16Princeton UniversityUnited States84.2
17University College LondonUnited Kingdom84.2
18University of TorontoCanada84.2
19University of Michigan–Ann ArborUnited States84.1
20Imperial College LondonUnited Kingdom84.0

Best Universities in the World Ranking 2023 | WSJ College Rankings

Which is the best college in the world? Looking for answers to such questions? Then the easy solution for you is the Wall Street Journal WSJ College Rankings 2023.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is an English-speaking international daily newspaper. Which was published by Dow Jones & Company. It was published in New York City.

Asian and European versions were also published. The Wall Street Journal is based primarily on the US economy, international trade, and economic news and activities.

The name of the magazine is Wall Street because of the street called Wall Street in New York City. The road in Manhattan is known as the US Department of Economic Affairs.

The influential media surveys the world’s best colleges every year. The report was published after a long survey. The report is very accessible to teachers and students around the world.

Let us now know which of the best college colleges in the Wall Street Journal list.

1Harvard University Massachusetts93.9
2Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMassachusetts91.8
3Yale University Connecticut91.3
4University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania90.4
5California Institute of Technology California90.2
6Princeton University New Jersey90.2
7Brown University Rhode Island90.1
8Stanford University California90.1
9Cornell University New York89.8
10Duke University North Carolina89.7
11 Northwestern University Illinois89.0
12Dartmouth College New Hampshire88.8
13Johns Hopkins University Maryland88.8
14University of Chicago Illinois88.6
15Columbia University New York88.4
16Rice University Texas88.1
17Vanderbilt University Tennessee87.3
18University of Southern California California86.1
19Washington University in St Louis Missouri86.0
20Amherst College Massachusetts84.6
21Williams College Massachusetts84.3
22Emory University Georgia84.0
23Pomona College California83.9
24Wellesley College Massachusetts83.4
25University of CaliforniaCalifornia83.3

Best Universities in the World Ranking

University of Oxford | Best Universities in the World

Oxford University is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Its located in Oxford, England. It is thought to have originated in the late 11th or early 12th century. Oxford University is currently recognized as one of the best universities in the world.

Oxford University consists of 39 colleges and 7 Permanent Private Halls (PPHs). Each of these is managed individually. All students have to be associated with one of these. In addition to residential facilities, classes are taken for students in colleges.

However, examinations, laboratories and the central library are managed by the university authorities. Each college usually has a dining hall, prayer center, library, three common rooms and accommodation for 200-400 students.

University NameUniversity of Oxford
Establishedc. 1096
MotoThe Lord is my light
TypePublic, research university, Ancient university
Academic affiliationsIARU, Russell Group, Europaeum
EUA, Golden Triangle, G5
LERU, SES, Universities UK
ChancellorThe Lord Patten of Barnes
Academic staff6,995 (2020)
Students24,515 (2019)
LocationOxford, England
CampusUniversity town

California Institute of Technology | Best Universities in the World

California Institute of Technology
California Institute of Technology

The California Institute of Technology is a private university located in Pasadena, California, USA. The university focuses on natural sciences and engineering. Also located is the NASA Autonomous Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Which oversees the design and operation of most of NASA’s spacecraft.

Although Caltech is a small university in terms of student body, it has been ranked among the top ten universities in various world rankings. Its 31 students and teachers have been awarded the Nobel Prize. Six of its students have won the Turing Prize.

Caltech is incorporated as a non-profit corporation and is governed by a privately appointed 46-member board of trustees who serve five-year terms of office and retire at the age of 72.

Caltech is a small four-year, highly residential research university with slightly more students in graduate programs than undergraduate. The institute has been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges since 1949.

Graduation rateAcceptance rateAvg cost after aidAvg cost before aid
University NameCalifornia Institute of Technology
Established23 September, 1891
MotoThe truth shall make you free
TypePrivate Research University
Academic affiliationsAAU, URA, AITU
APRU, Sun-grant
FounderAmos G. Throop
Academic staff300 professorial faculty
Students2,397 (2021–22)
Undergraduates987 (2021–22)
Postgraduates1,410 (2021–22)
LocationPasadena, California, United States
CampusMidsize City

Harvard University | Best Universities in the World

Harvard University is the oldest university in the United States. This academy is a member of the Ivy League, which is famous for its higher education. It is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The university was established in 1636. Harvard is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the United States and one of the most prestigious in the world.

The Massachusetts Colonial Legislature, General Court, approved the establishment of Harvard. In the early years, Harvard College primarily trained congregations and Unitarian clergy. Harvard offers 50 undergraduate majors, 134 undergraduate degrees, and 32 professional degrees.

Harvard has awarded 1,75 bachelor’s degrees, 1,013 bachelor’s degrees and 5,795 professional degrees for the 2018-2019 academic year. Among the overall rankings, Harvard has been ranked as the world’s top university every year since the publication of the World University Academic Rankings (ARWU).

Graduation rateAcceptance rateAvg cost after aidAvg cost before aid
Former NamesHarvard University
TypePrivate research university
Academic affiliationsNAICU, AICUM, AAU
URA, Space-grant
FounderMassachusetts General Court
MascotJohn Harvard
Academic Staff2,400
Students19,218 (Fall 2020)
Undergraduates5,222 (Fall 2020)
Postgraduates13,996 (Fall 2020)
LocationCambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.
CampusUrban, 209 acres

Stanford University | Best Universities in the World

Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the best institutions of higher learning in the world. 59 Nobel Prize winning scientists and researchers have studied at this university. The co-founders of the world famous search engine Google, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo, HP are alumni of this university. The world’s most prestigious Nobel laureate, 59 scientists and researchers have studied at this university.

Undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD degrees are available from Stanford University. Admission here is highly competitive as it is adored by talented people from all over the world.

It is important to have a clear idea about the admission process and the application process. Graduation SAT and TOEFL test scores are important for admission. In addition to good scores, essays and letters of recommendation need to be prepared properly. GRE scores are useful for admission at postgraduate and PhD level.

Admission to Stanford University depends on the academic results of the college level, extra-curricular activities, participation in various merit-based competitions. November 1 of each year is the last day to apply. Separate admission process in business, law and medical departments.

It costs more than 60,000 per year to graduate from this university. However, 75% of the undergraduate students admitted to this university receive various types of scholarships and financial assistance.

Graduation rateAcceptance rateAvg cost after aidAvg cost before aid
Former NamesStanford University
Established11 November, 1885
MotoThe wind of freedom blows
TypePrivate research university
Academic affiliationsAAU, CDIO
FounderLeland and Jane Stanford
MascotStanford Tree
Academic Staff2,279
Students17,246 (Fall 2021)
Undergraduates7,858 (Fall 2021)
Postgraduates9,388 (Fall 2021)
LocationStanford, California, United States
CampusLarge Suburb, 8180 acres

University of Cambridge | Best Universities in the World

University of Cambridge is a university located in Cambridge, England. It is the second oldest English-speaking university in the world and one of the most prestigious in the world. In 1209 some Oxford scholars left the city after a dispute with the locals and came to Cambridge to form their own organization. It later became Cambridge University.

The two universities, Cambridge and Oxford, are often referred to together as “Oxbridge”. The two universities, long-standing rivals of each other, have been part of English society and culture for many centuries. People associated with Cambridge University are referred to as Cantabrizian adjectives.

Former NamesUniversity of Cambridge
MotoLiteral: From here, light and sacred draughts.
Non literal: From this place, we gain enlightenment and precious knowledge.
TypePublic research university
Academic affiliationsRussell Group, EUA, G5 Universities
Golden Triangle, LERU, IARU
Universities UK
Academic Staff3,615
Students24,450 (2020)
Undergraduates12,850 (2020)
Postgraduates11,600 (2020)
LocationCambridge, England
CampusUniversity town

Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Best Universities in the World

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Which is considered as one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The university was established in 1861 as a result of the growing industrial response in the United States.

The 168-acre campus was opened in 1916 and extended 1 mile along the north bank of the Charles River Basin. The institute is traditionally known for its research and teaching in physics and engineering. Also known in recent times for biology, economics, linguistics, and management.

The school has a strong entrepreneurial culture, and the overall income of companies founded by MIT alumni ranks as the eleventh largest economy in the world.

Graduation rateAcceptance rateAvg cost after aidAvg cost before aid
Former NamesMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Established10 April, 1861
MotoMind and Hand
TypePrivate land-grant research university
Academic affiliationsAAU, CDIO, COFHE
NAICU, URA, 568 Group
Sea grant, Space grant
MascotTim the Beaver
Academic Staff1,074
Students11,934 (Fall 2021)
Undergraduates4,638 (Fall 2021)
Postgraduates7,296 (Fall 2021)
LocationCambridge, Massachusetts, United States
CampusMidsize City

Princeton University | Best Universities in the World

Princeton University is an Ivy League private university located in New Jersey, USA. It was established in 1746. He has received 35 Nobel Prizes and 17 National Medals of Science from Princeton University.

The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering, science, anthropology and social sciences. The University’s Firestone Library has over 11 million entries.

Undergraduate students are given accommodation for four years in this university. 98% of students live on campus or in dormitories. It is compulsory for 1st and 2nd year students of undergraduate classes to stay in residential colleges.

Former NamesPrinceton University
Established 22 October, 1746
MotoUnder God’s Power She Flourishes
TypePrivate research university
Academic affiliationsAAU, URA, NAICU, Space-grant
MascotThe Tiger
Academic Staff1,289
Students8,419 (Fall 2019)
Undergraduates5,422 (Fall 2019)
Postgraduates2,997 (Fall 2019)
LocationPrinceton, New Jersey, United States
CampusSuburban/College tow

University of California-Berkeley | Best Universities in the World

University of California-Berkeley
University of California-Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley or University of California, Berkeley is a public university located in Berkeley, California. It was established on 23 March 1868. Berkeley runs a number of leading research institutes, such as the Mathematical Science Research Institute and the Space Sciences Laboratory.

Graduation rateAcceptance rateAvg cost after aidAvg cost before aid
Former NamesUniversity of California-Berkeley
Established 23 March, 1868
MotoLet there be light
TypePublic land-grant research university
Academic affiliationsAAU, IARU, URA, UCAR
APRU, Space-grant
MascotOski the Bear
Academic Staff23,524 
Students45,057 (fall 2021)
Undergraduates31,814 (fall 2021)
Postgraduates13,243 (fall 2021)
LocationBerkeley, California, United States
CampusMidsize City

Yale University | Best Universities in the World

Yale University is a private Ivy League university in the United States. It is located in New Haven, Connecticut. The university was established in 1701. Yale University is the third oldest university in America. The university’s graduate school of arts and sciences is the first faculty in the United States to offer a doctorate.

Yale is organized into fourteen constituent schools: the original undergraduate college, the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and twelve professional schools. While the university is governed by the Yale Corporation, each school’s faculty oversees its curriculum and degree programs. 

Graduation rateAcceptance rateAvg cost after aidAvg cost before aid
Former NamesYale University
Established9 October, 1701
MotoLight and truth
TypePrivate research university
Academic affiliationsAAU, IARU
NAICU, Space-grant
MascotHandsome Dan
Academic Staff4,869 (Fall 2019)
Students12,060 (Fall 2020)
Undergraduates4,703 (Fall 2020)
Postgraduates7,357 (Fall 2020)
LocationNew Haven, Connecticut, United States
CampusUrban/College town

Columbia University | Best Universities in the World

Columbia University
Columbia University

Columbia University is a private university located in New York City, USA. Founded in 1754, it is a member of the Ivy League. Columbia was established by royal charter under George II of Great Britain.

It was renamed Columbia College in 1784 following the American Revolution, and in 1787 was placed under a private board of trustees headed by former students Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. In 1896, the campus was moved to its current location in Morningside Heights and renamed Columbia University.

Columbia University received 60,551 applications for the class of 2025 (entering 2021) and a total of around 2,218 were admitted to the two schools for an overall acceptance rate of 3.66%. Columbia is a racially diverse school, with approximately 52% of all students identifying themselves as persons of color.

Graduation rateAcceptance rateAvg cost after aidAvg cost before aid
Former NamesColumbia University
Established25 May, 1754
MotoIn Thy light shall we see light
TypeRoyal (1754–1776), Private research university 
Academic affiliationsAAU, URA, 568 Group, NAICU, Space-grant
MascotRoar-ee the Lion
Academic Staff4,370
Students33,413 (Fall 2019)
Undergraduates6,398 (Fall 2019)
Postgraduates24,412 (Fall 2019)
LocationNew York, New York, U.S
CampusUrban, total 299 acres

Compare Graduation rate, Acceptance rate & Average Cost

Universities NameGraduation (%)Acceptance (%)Cost (after aid)Cost (before aid)
California, Berkeley91%17%$15,329$41,528
Johns Hopkins93%11%$29,342$67,667

Top 50 Best colleges in the world

We all have less idea of the best universities in our country. But the curiosity of knowing the best universities in the world remains ours. Curious for those people today this list!

1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)United States
2Stanford UniversityUnited States
3Harvard UniversityUnited States
4University of OxfordUnited Kingdom
5California Institute of Technology (Caltech)United States
6ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of TechnologySwitzerland
7University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom
8UCL (University College London)United Kingdom
9Imperial College LondonUnited Kingdom
10University of ChicagoUnited States
11National University of Singapore (NUS)Singapore
12Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)Singapore
13Princeton UniversityUnited States
14Cornell UniversityUnited States
15University of PennsylvaniaUnited Kingdom
16Tsinghua UniversityChina
17Yale UniversityUnited States
18Columbia UniversityUnited States
19EPFL – Ecole Polytechnique Federale de LausanneSwitzerland
20University of EdinburghUnited Kingdom
21University of MichiganUnited States
22Peking UniversityChina
23University of TokyoJapan
24Johns Hopkins UniversityUnited States
25University of Hong KongHong Kong
26Duke UniversityUnited States
27University of ManchesterUnited Kingdom
28University of California, Berkeley (UCB)United States
29Australian National UniversityAustralia
30University of TorontoCanada
31Northwestern UniversityUnited States
32Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyHong Kong
33King’s College London United Kingdom
34Kyoto UniversityJapan
35McGill UniversityCanada
36University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)United States
37Seoul National UniversitySouth Korea
38University of MelbourneAustralia
39New York University (NYU)United States
40Fudan UniversityChina
41KAIST – Korea Advanced Institute of Science & TechnologySouth Korea
42University of SydneyAustralia
43University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)Australia
44London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)United Kingdom
45University of California, San Diego (UCSD)United States
46Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)Hong Kong
47University of QueenslandAustralia
48Carnegie Mellon UniversityUnited States
49University of BristolUnited Kingdom
50Delft University of TechnologyNetherlands

Best Computer Science Colleges | Best colleges in the world

1University of OxfordUnited Kingdom
2ETH ZurichSwitzerland
3Stanford UniversityUnited States
4University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom
5Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUnited States
6Carnegie Mellon UniversityUnited States
7Georgia Institute of TechnologyUnited States
8Princeton UniversityUnited States
9Harvard UniversityUnited States
10California Institute of TechnologyUnited States

Best colleges for business | Best colleges in the world

1Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUnited States
2Stanford UniversityUnited States
3University of OxfordUnited Kingdom
4University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom
5University of California, BerkeleyUnited States
6London School of Economics and Political ScienceUnited Kingdom
7Duke UniversityUnited States
8University of ChicagoUnited States
9University of PennsylvaniaUnited States
10Harvard UniversityUnited States

Best colleges for nursing | Best colleges in the world

1University of OxfordUnited Kingdom
2Harvard UniversityUnited States
3University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom
4Imperial College LondonUnited Kingdom
5Stanford UniversityUnited States
6University of TorontoCanada
7Johns Hopkins UniversityUnited States
8UCLUnited Kingdom
9Yale UniversityUnited States
10Columbia UniversityUnited States

Best engineering colleges | Best colleges in the world

1California Institute of TechnologyUnited States
2Stanford UniversityUnited States
3University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom
4Harvard UniversityUnited States
5University of OxfordUnited Kingdom
6Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUnited States
7Princeton UniversityUnited States
8ETH ZurichSwitzerland
9University of California, Los AngelesUnited States
10Georgia Institute of TechnologyUnited States

Best psychology colleges in the world | Best colleges in the world

1Stanford UniversityUnited States
2Princeton UniversityUnited States
3University of PennsylvaniaUnited States
4UCLUnited Kingdom
5University of ChicagoUnited States
6Harvard UniversityUnited States
7Yale UniversityUnited States
8University of Michigan-Ann ArborUnited States
9University of California, Los AngelesUnited States
10University of British ColumbiaCanada

Best law colleges in the world

1Stanford UniversityUnited States
2University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom
3Yale UniversityUnited States
4University of OxfordUnited Kingdom
5University of ChicagoUnited States
6University of California, BerkeleyUnited States
7Duke UniversityUnited States
8London School of Economics and Political ScienceUnited Kingdom
9New York UniversityUnited States
10University of TorontoCanada

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