Banglalink Internet Offer With All Activation Code 2023

Today I will tell you the latest Banglalink Internet Offer. Banglalink is a popular phone company in Bangladesh. They have more customer.

Many of the users want to know about Banglalink MB Pack. So I collected this information for our visitors.

With Banglalink 4G you can experience the world of the internet in a new way. HD video streaming, Facebook live, video call, file download & upload will be so smooth that now the same things will feel like new.

Banglalink has more internet packages for there users. 1GB, 2GB, 3GB is the most popular offer in this operator.

So friends! let’s check all latest Banglalink Internet Package. This information collected by valuable source.

Banglalink Internet Offer
Banglalink Internet Offer

03 Days Pack

GBTakaActivation Code
150 MB13 Taka*121*13#
250 MB18 Taka*121*18#
512 MB23 Taka*121*23#
1 GB31 Taka*121*31#
1.5 GB36 taka*121*36#
1.5 GB41 Taka*5000*41#
2 GB49 Taka*121*49#
3 GB58 Taka*121*58#
4 GB64 Taka*121*64#
5.5 GB73 Taka*121*73#
8 GB89 Taka*121*89#

07 Days Pack

GBTakaActivation Code
1 GB51 Taka*121*51#
2 GB99 Taka*121*99#
4 GB108 Taka*121*108#
7 GB114 Taka*121*114#
10 GB129 Taka*121*129#
13 GB149 Taka*121*149#
18 GB169 Taka*121*169#

30 Days Pack

GBTakaActivation Code
1.2 GB119 Taka*121*119#
2.5 GB209 Taka*121*209#
3 GB249 Taka*121*249#
6 GB299 Taka*121*299#
12 GB399 Taka*121*399#
40 GB499 Taka*121*499#
45 GB699 Taka*121*699#
55 GB999 Taka*121*999#

45 Days Pack

GBTakaActivation Code
45 GB306 Taka*121*306# (Toffee Pack)
  • Check Internet Balance: *5000*500#
  • Internet Pack Off: *5000*536#
  • Auto-Renew On: *5000*566# and reply with 1
  • Auto-Renew Off: *5000*566# and reply with 2
  • All Prepaid & CnC customers can purchase this pack.
  • Customer can purchase this pack from both USSD, EV, and Digital (My BL App, Online) channels.
  • Customer can purchase this pack as many times they want.
  • After completion of data limit customer will be charged from either PAYG or other packs
  • The data volume can be used for using any services.
  • After pack expiry, customers can browse data at PAYG rate of 1TK/MB (incl. tax) with 10KB pulse.
  • Internet speed shall vary depending on subscribers’ device, usage pattern and overall network environment.
  • After completion of pack volume or validity, you will be charged at Pay-As-You-Go rate of 1TK/MB (excluding of VAT, Supplementary Duty, and Surcharge) with 10KB pulse. After Tk. 5.83 your Pay-As-You-Go internet usage will be blocked.

Launched in February 2005, with over 33.69 million subscribers over a decade, Banglalink was the catalyst in making mobile telephony an affordable option for consumers in Bangladesh.

The initial success of Banglalink was based on a simple mission: “Bringing mobile telephony to the masses”. bl internet package.

Banglalink aims to enable its customers to get the best out of the digital future and create a true digital ecosystem by providing products that suit the demands of customers.

Banglalink provides equal opportunities to employees and has always shown zero tolerance for any non-compliance activity. bl internet package.

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