Bangladeshi IPTv List | Government approved | Updated

Here is your Government Approved Bangladeshi IPTv List. In the first phase, the government has allowed 14 Internet Protocol Televisions (IPTVs) to register.

A notification in this regard has been issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on 08 November 2021.

The conditions of registration state that the National Broadcasting Policy-2014, National Online Media Policy-2017 (revised 2020) and other laws, rules, policies and circulars or instructions issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting must be followed in preparing and broadcasting programs.

It said IPTVs must comply with the relevant provisions of the existing copyright law. We have to be especially careful so that no section of this law is violated. Bangladesh’s existing censorship must be properly complied with.

The condition further states that the registration fee, annual renewal fee should be paid at the rate prescribed by the commission for registration following the law or rules introduced by the government.

According to the BTRC, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the process of broadcasting content broadcast on satellite television using the Internet Protocol Network.

BTRC only approves licensed ISPs for IP-based data services (such as streaming services, IPTV, video on demand).

ISP operators approved by the BTRC for IP TV services will only be able to show the broadcasts of satellite TV channels approved by the Ministry of Information through the Internet to their subscribers.

However, the necessary contract / approval / clearance for the promotion of each channel or program or content must be obtained from the concerned provider.

BTRC recently shut down 59 unregistered IT TVs due to unauthorized broadcasts. Bangladeshi IPTv List

Bangladeshi IPTv List
Bangladeshi IPTv List

Bangladeshi IPTv List | Government Approved 2021

IPTV NameWeb Link
Movie Bangla Tv
Jagoron Tv
Ruposhi Bangla Tv
Harnet Tv
Mati Tv
Flix RK Tv
Rajdhani Tv
Voice Tv
News21 Bangla Tv
Jagoroni TV
Sobeh Prime Tv
DeshBondhu Tv
CHD News24 tv

Notice of closure of 59 invalid IPTV | Bangladeshi IPTv List

Telecommunications regulator BTRC has shut down 59 illegal and unregistered IPTv (Internet Protocol). Bangladeshi IPTv List

The BTRC alleged that these IP TVs were broadcasting without any approval. On 19 September 2021, the company sent a press release to the media.

According to the BTRC, these broadcasts without approval are unethical and a violation of telecommunications laws.

The IP TVs that have been shut down have nothing to do with the activities of the ISPs approved by the BTRC for IP-based data services. Bangladeshi IPTv List

Concerned parties say that after the OTT (Over the Top) service is gone, IP TVs are not very popular. Because, there are different TV channels available in many OTTs.

The field does not have to be a special customer. Mobile phone operators are also offering OTT services with their data (internet package) offers. This trend is going on worldwide. As a result, the viewers of IP TV are moving to OTT.

Closed Bangladeshi IPTv List

JagoBDBangla 21 Tv
Millennium TVRadiant IP TV
ATN MusicTime Television
Live2web TVBorendro Tv
Rong TvATN Islamic TV
Movie Bangla TVTimes 24 TV
Probashi TvRTV Music
Total cableNokshi Tv
Joy TvBee IP Tv
PanaVision TVChannel S BD
NRB TV71 Bangla TV
TV One UKDeshe Bideshe
Magic Bangla TVMadani Bangla
Iqra Bangla TvDG Bangla TV
My CinemaRoyal TV
Alif TvJonmobhumi Tv
AB TV USAJoyjatra Tv
Q TvCumillah 24
Nari TvAlpona Tv
Azan TvGlobal Bangla Tv
Dhaka TvNtv Bangla
Colorship TVHornet TV
Channel T1 Jagoroni TV
Shopno TvMovie Tv
Bisho Bangla 24RNN Tv
Flash TVChannel H
City TVjhonker Tv
Tv 7
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