Train Tracking bd System For All Intercity Train 2024

Now we tell you Train Tracking bd For Bangladesh All Intercity Train. Now you will know at home where your desired train is now. You can reach the station by the train position. For this, you can get help from Bangladesh Railway, Grameen Phone, Banglalink or Robi Mobile.

Train Tracking bd System
Train Tracking bd System

Train Tracking bd System

Bangladesh Railway launched the train tracking bd system on 16 January 2014. This allows passengers to arrive at 16318 by mobile SMS when they leave the train, getting information on train status, next stoppage, real-time departure.

  • Go to your mobile SMS option
  • tr <space> Train no. or tr <space> Train name
  • Send to 16318
  • The immediate location of the train will be informed via SMS again.
  • SMS charge 4 taka+vat.

Grameenphone | Train Tracking bd System

Any GP customer will be able to locate their desired train locations and its movement schedule by Push-Pull SMS through a Tracking Solution. This service can be availed from any Grameenphone package. There is no monthly subscription fee.

So from now onwards, train travelers will no longer have to worry about Origin-destination, Departure time, Next Station, Next Stop, Trip Cancellation, Unscheduled waiting information of trains and many more!!

  • Go to your mobile SMS option
  • tr <space> Train no. or tr <space> Train name
  • Send to 16318
  • The immediate location of the train will be informed via SMS again.
  • SMS charge 4 taka+vat.

Banglalink Train Tracking Service provides train’s location, movement schedule & other related information to Bangladesh Railway commuters through SMS.

With this system, Bangladesh Railway passengers can get the real-time status (GPS/GPRS based) of their intended train of travel, by sending an SMS to 16318 and in return get a message containing the information as following-

  • Go to your mobile SMS option
  • tr <space> Train no. or tr <space> Train name
  • Send to 16318
  • The immediate location of the train will be informed via SMS again.
  • SMS charge 4 taka+vat.

Key Features:

  • Train travelers can get the current location of a train in real-time (with 5-sec pulse)
  • Train passengers can get train status, departure time, next station, next stoppage, the actual delay time from the reply SMS
  • Users can also get any unexpected event information like trip cancellation notice, transshipment, etc. with prior confirmation received from Bangladesh Railway
  • Travelers no need to wait for the uncertain time at the station for their desired train; rather they can plan their trip in accordance with information received from the service staying at home

Intercity Train Name & ID | Train Tracking bd System

Bangladesh Railway, a principle transportation agency of the country, is a Government-owned and Government –managed organization. It covers a length of 2,877.10 route kilometers employing a total of 25,083 regular employees.

Here is your Bangladeshi all train no full list. This list you need for Train Tracking bd.

Train NoTrain NameTrain Route
701Subarna ExpressChittagong to Dhaka
702Subarna ExpressDhaka to Chittagong
703Mohanagar GoduliChittagong to Dhaka
704Mohanagar ProvatiDhaka to Chittagong
705Ekota ExpressDhaka to Dinajpur
706Ekota ExpressDinajpur to Dhaka
707Tista ExpressDhaka to Dewangong
708Tista ExpressDewangong to Dhaka
709Parabat ExpressDhaka to Sylhet
710Parabat ExpressSylhet to Dhaka
711Upukol ExpressNoakhali to Dhaka
712Upukol ExpressDhaka to Noakhali
715Kapotaskh expressKhulna to Rajshahi
716Kapotaskh expressRajshahi to Khulna
717Joyantika ExpressDhaka to Sylhet
718Joyantika ExpressSylhet to Dhaka
719Paharia ExpressChittagong to Sylhet
720Paharia ExpressSylhet to Chittagong
721Mohanagar ProvatiChittagong to Dhaka
722Mohanagar GoduliDhaka to Chittagong
723Uddayan ExpressChittagong to Sylhet
724Uddayan ExpressSylhet to Chittagong
Sundarban expressKhulna to Dhaka
726Sundarban expressDhaka to Khulna
727Rupsha expressKhulna to Saidpur
728Rupsha expressSaidpur to Khulna
729Megna ExpressChittagong to Chandpur
730Megna ExpressChandpur to Chittagong
731Barendra expressRajshahi to Chilahati
732Barendra expressChilahati to Rajshahi
733Titumir expressRajshahi to Chilahati
734Titumir expressChilahati to Rajshahi
735Agnibina ExpressDhaka to Tarakandi
736Agnibina ExpressTarakandi to Dhaka
737Egarosindhur ProvatiDhaka to Kisoregonj
738Egarosindhur ProvatiKisoregonj to Dhaka
739Upaban ExpressDhaka to Sylhet
740Upaban ExpressSylhet to Dhaka
741Turna ExpressChittagong to Dhaka
742Turna ExpressDhaka to Chittagong
743BharamaputraDhaka to Dewangong
744BharamaputraDewangong to Dhaka
745Jamuna ExpressDhaka to BB_East
746Jamuna ExpressBB_East to Dhaka
747Simanta expressKhulna to Saidpur
748Simanta expressSaidpur to Khulna
749Egarosindhur GoduliDhaka to Kisoregonj
750Egarosindhur GoduliKisoregonj to Dhaka
751Lalmoni ExpressDhaka to Lalmonirhat
752Lalmoni ExpressLalmonirhat to Dhaka
753Silk city expressDhaka to Rajshahi
754Silk city expressRajshahi to Dhaka
755Madhumati expressGoalonda hat to Rajshahi
756Madhumati expressRajshahi to Goalonda hat
757Drutojan ExpressDhaka to Dinajpur
758Drutojan ExpressDinajpur to Dhaka
759Padma ExpressDhaka to Rajshahi
760Padma ExpressRajshahi to Dhaka
761Sagardari ExpressKhulna to Rajshahi
762Sagardari ExpressRajshahi to Khulna
763Chittra ExpressKhulna to Dhaka
764Chittra ExpressDhaka to Khulna
767Dolonchapa ExpressSantahar to Dinajpur
765NilsagarDhaka to Chilahati
766NilsagarChilahati to Dhaka
767Dolonchapa ExpressSantahar to Dinajpur
768Dolonchapa ExpressDinajpur to Santahar
769Dhumketue expressDhaka to Rajshahi
770Dhumketue expressRajshahi to Dhaka
771Rangpur ExpressDhaka to Rangpur
772Rangpur ExpressRangpur to Dhaka
773Kalani ExpressDhaka to Sylhet
774Kalani ExpressSylhet to Dhaka
775Sirajgong ExpressIshurdi to Dhaka
776Sirajgong ExpressDhaka to Ishurdi
3107/3110Moitree ExpressDhaka Cantt to Kolkata
3108/3109Moitree ExpressKolkata to Dhaka Cantt

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