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Want to go Nuhash Polli? So what are you waiting for? A dreamy world of green is waiting for you with mountains of passion.

Nuhash Palli is the paradise of Humayun Ahmed. This is Humayun Ahmed’s own shooting spot. It is also called his second residence. This uncrowned emperor of Bengali literature is sleeping here with absolute joy.

Humayun Ahmed has established this beloved Nuhash Polli in Pirujali village of Sadar upazila of Gazipur district very close to Dhaka.

In the middle of the Gazari forest, nature seems to have spread a beautiful blanket of green serenity. Tourists from different countries of the world including Bangladesh come to see it.

Nuhash Polli is gaining importance as one of the most attractive places for picnics for the people of Bangladesh. But many do not know how to go to Nuhash Palli?

How to go? Where to eat? what to see? How to have a picnic? And this report is about the answers to these questions.

How To Go Nuhash Polli
How To Go Nuhash Polli

How To Go Nuhash Polli?

If you want to go to Nuhash Polli, you have to come to Gazipur cross roads first. For this, buses come from anywhere in Dhaka. With these buses you can come to Gazipur cross roads at very low cost.

Then at the beginning of Mymensingh Road from the crossroads you have to get up at Laguna in Manipur and come to Lengra Market. For this the rent will be 40 taka per person.

Then you have to come to Nuhash Polli in a auto rickshaw. The rent is 20 taka per person.

  • Dhaka to Gazipur crossroads.
  • Gazipur crossroads to Lengra Market.
  • Lengra Market to Nuhash Polli.

However, if you want to get a little comfortable, you have to get off at Hotapara by Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Sherpur, Bhaluka, or Sreepur route. The bus fare will be 200 to 250 taka per person.

Nuhash Polli can be reached by CNG or rickshaw from Hotapara. The rent will be 150 to 200 taka.

And those who want to take their own car cross the Gazipur crossroads and 20 km from the crossroads on Mymensingh Road is actually Hotapara Bazar.

Nuhash Polli is actually 8 km left from Hotapara Bazar. This Polli has a private car park at no cost.

Rules for entering Nuhash Polli

No prior permission is required to enter Nuhash Polli. Anyone can enter with an entry fee of 200 taka. There is no charge for children under 10, drivers and car parks.

Note that, there is no entry fee for visiting Humayun Ahmed’s grave. There is another separate gate for burial on the left outside the main gate for visiting the grave. Anyone can enter through that gate and visit the grave.

What to see?

The biggest attraction of Nuhash Polli is the memory of Humayun Ahmed. Wherever you walk, there are memories of your favorite author. Everything that Humayun Ahmed has made this heaven for his own needs.

The biggest attraction here is that Humayun Ahmed has created the largest garden of medicinal trees in Bangladesh. Each tree is planted with his own hands.

The garden contains about 300-350 species of medicinal plants – which have now become a research center for Botany students, Ayurvedic physicians and arborists.

What is there in Nuhash Polli?

  • Earthen wall
  • Sculpture of mother and son
  • Swimming pool
  • Crow emigrant mango orchard
  • Litchi garden
  • 70 palm trees
  • Padma pond
  • Wind Zhou tree
  • Lilavati Island
  • Shooting floor
  • Ghats paved with white stone
  • Tree house
  • The dove
  • Ghost luxury
  • Zamindari Ghat
  • Dighi Lilavati
  • Huge field
  • Dinosaurs
  • Rupavati Matsya Kanya
  • The luxury of rain
  • Tea coffee garden
  • Wish tree
  • Children’s Park
  • Earthen houses and water wells
  • Artificial mountains and giants of China
  • Huge frog umbrella
  • Wonderful chess house
  • Sculpture of Lilavati
  • Tamarind tree and ghost luxury
  • Huge skeleton of human head
  • White House
  • Mural of Humayun Ahmed
  • Tomb of Humayun Ahmed
Nuhash Polli
How To Go Nuhash Polli 2023 | Best Tour Guide For You 3

Nuhash Polli Entry, Picnic and Package Tour Fee

Nuhash Polli is rented for picnics from December to March. At that time, general visitors will be able to buy a ticket for 200 taka. But they can’t have a picnic. Just look around.

Only those who book will be able to have a picnic. Only one party is rented for a picnic a day.

Entry Fee200 taka
Full day picnic (50-300 people)69,000 taka (official closing day)
Full day picnic (50-300 people)57,500 taka (normal day)

Note that, there are no food restaurants inside Nuhash Polli. However, if there are more than 15/20 people, food is served with food order.

There is no overnight stay in this palli. No room is rented during the day. Rooms are provided only when booking for a picnic / group package tour. Besides, 1 room is open for everyone.

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