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Are you finding How To Go Nijhum Dwip easily? Yes, This report will be helpful for you. Nijhum Island is located to the south of Hatia upazila at the mouth of Meghna river in the south of Noakhali district.

Want to get lost in an environment of loneliness? Nijhum Dwip may be the ideal place for you. If there is no luxurious arrangement for you here, nature is waiting for you with boundless beauty.

The island began to rise from the Bay of Bengal in the 1940s. While fishing, Hatiyar fishermen discovered Nijhum Island. Nijhum Dwip is also called Ichhamati Island, Bailar Char or Char Osman. But whatever the name, there are no other wild animals here except deer and buffalo.

It is said that a brave Bathania named Sardar Osman was the first to cross the Meghna with 100 buffaloes and come to the island for the first time. There are about 35 species of birds on Nijhum Island. Nijhum Island also becomes a sanctuary for many species of guest birds during the winter season.

The vast area on Nijhum Dwip is a polymer char. Drowning in tidal water and sniffing at low tide. Nijhum Island is famous for hilsa during the monsoon season. At this time wholesalers from different parts of Bangladesh including Dhaka come to buy fish on Nijhum Dwip.

Besides, Nijhum Dwip is famous for chewing fish in winter or in the post-winter season. Fishermen make dried fish from this fish. Nijhum Dwip is surrounded on one side by the Meghna River and on three sides by the Bay of Bengal.

The most interesting thing about it is the Keora forest for miles and miles and the Chitra deer hiding behind the leaves of that forest. The current area of the island is about 92 square kilometers. In the northern part of it is Bandartila.

About 70 percent of the island’s population is fishermen and 30 percent is farmers. They make a living by fishing in the deep sea and rivers at the risk of their lives.

How To Go Nijhum Dwip
How To Go Nijhum Dwip

Nijhum Dwip | What To See

Go to Nijhum Dwip and do not see the deer? To see deer, you have to walk for a while through Chowdhury canal near Kabiraj’s char from afternoon to evening. There is a possibility of seeing deer. Besides, if you take a trawler reserve, the boatman will show you the deer.

It will cost 1000 to 1200 rupees to rent a trawler for 10-15 people. Here in the evening, a herd of thousands of buffaloes will catch your eye with the sunset at Kabiraj’s Char. And on Kamala Island, a lot of hilsa is found in the Kamala canal. You can buy fresh hilsa from the locals.

It takes 10 minutes to walk from Namar Bazar to Namar Bazar Sea Beach. You can also have a barbecue from Nama Bazar Sea Beach without watching the sunrise and sunset. The new sea beach south of Damar Char is known as the Virgin Island. Many unnamed birds are seen on this island.

To get to this island, it will cost 3000 to 3500 taka. Deer can sometimes be seen from the verandah of Nijhum Resort in Choakhali. Also, if you have time, you can spend a day in Bhola Dhalchar, Char Kukri-Mukri with trawler reserve.

When to go to Nijhum Dwip?

Winter is the best time to visit Nijhum Island from October to mid-April. At other times of the year, the Meghna River and the sea are very rough, so you should be careful when traveling to Nijhum Island at that time.

How To Go Nijhum Dwip?

If you want to go to Nijhum Island, first you have to go to Noakhali by bus or train from Dhaka. From Noakhali Maijdi you have to go to Sonapur bus stand first. From there you have to get off at Chairman Ghat by any local bus service / CNG autorickshaw going to Chairman Ghat.

After that you have to go down to Nalchira Ghat in Citrock / Launch Service and go to Jahamara Ghat with CNG Autorickshaw. Going there, the ships can cross the channel by boat and reach Nijhum Island.

How to go there by bus from Dhaka

If you want to go to Nijhum Island by bus, you have to get off at Sonapur in Noakhali. From Dhaka Saidabad Bus Terminal you can take Ekushey Express, Moonline Enterprise, Himachal Express buses to Sonapur in Noakhali.

Ekushey Paribahan bus from Dhanmondi Jigatala counter leaves for Sonapur in Noakhali at 10:20 pm. The fare of non-AC and AC coaches of these buses is from 350 to 400 rupees.

From Sonapur in Noakhali you have to go to Chairman Ghat by CNG or other vehicles. It will cost 450 to 500 taka to come to the chairman’s wharf by reserving CNG. A maximum of 5 people can sit in a CNG.

The chairman will get various C-trucks, trawlers and speed boats from Hatia to Hatia. Sea-truck, trawler and speed boat fare from Chairman Ghat to Hatia is 90, 120-150 and 400 rupees per person.

You have to reserve a motorbike to reach Moktaria Ghat after getting off at Hatiyar Nalchira Ghat. It will cost 400 to 450 rupees for two people to rent a motorbike.

From Moktaria Ghat, you can rent a trawler for Tk 22 and come to Bandartila Ghat on Nijhum Island. It will cost 100 rupees for two people to come to the market by motorbike. The Sea-truck leaves Noakhali Chairman Ghat at 8 am every day, and the return C-truck from Nalchira to Noakhali Chairman Ghat leaves at 10 am.

How to go there by train from Dhaka

If you want to go to Nijhum Island by train from Dhaka, you have to get off the Maijdi train in Noakhali. The Upakul Express, an intercity train from Kamalapur in Dhaka to Noakhali at 4:20 pm on other 7 days of the week except Thursday, takes about 6 hours to reach Maijdi.

Fares range from Tk 230 to Tk 503 depending on the class of train ticket. CNG reserve fare from Maijdi to Chairman Ghat will be 500 to 600 rupees. And to come to the local will cost 120 to 130 rupees per person. From Chairman Ghat you can go to Nijhum Island in the above way.

How to go there by launch from Dhaka

Only one launch leaves from Sadarghat in Dhaka for Hatia every day at 5.30 pm. The launch reached Hatiyar Tamurddi Ghat between 8am and 9am the next day.

You have to get down at Hatiyar Tamurddi Ghat and come to Moktaria Ghat by motorbike. It will cost 300 to 350 rupees for two people to come to Moktaria Ghat.

Trawler fare from Moktaria Ghat to Bandartila Ghat in Nijhumdwip will be 22 taka per person. And two people have to spend 100 taka to go to the market by motorbike from Bandartila Ghat.

You can also go directly to Nijhumdwip Namara Bazaar from Tamurddi Ghat. Every day at 10 am, some fishing trawlers from Tamuraddi Ghat go directly to Nimar Bazaar on Nijhum Island, where you can rent them for 200 to 300 taka per person.

Besides, it may cost 3,500 to 5,000 taka depending on the size of the trawler to go to the market of Nijhum Island with trawler reserve. The return flight from Tamurddi Ghat to Dhaka left at 12.30 pm. Launch rental deck – 350 taka, single cabin – 1200 taka and double cabin – 2200 taka.

How to go there from Chittagong

MV Bar Aulia, MV Abdul Matin and MB Monirul Haque steamers ply from Chittagong Sadarghat to Hatia Nalchira Ghat three days a week except Friday and Sunday at 9 am.

The fare to come to Hatia from Sadarghat in Chittagong is: Chair class – 350 taka, second class – 1110 taka and first class – 2215 taka.

Nijhum Island
Nijhum Island

Where to eat

Even if you don’t get good food on Nijhum Island, you will get marine fish, thick rice, meat, bread etc. There are several food hotels in Namar Bazaar, where seafood and fried shrimp are very good to eat. Dabs are available on Nijhum Island for 20 to 25 rupees.

Where will you stay?

There are several resorts or hotels to stay at. You can choose any one according to your choice or budget. Most of the resorts or hotels are located in Namar Bazar. These hotels include-

Hotel NameAddressContact Number
Nijhum Resort (Obokash Hotel)Namar Bazar01724-145864, 01845-558899, 01738-230655
Hotel ShaheenNamar Bazar01863-15088
Hotel SohailNamar Bazar
Mosque boardingNamar Bazar01866-373937, 01727-958879
Nijhum Dreamland ResortBandartila01847-123573
Hotel Deap SompodNamar Bazar01720-601026, 01760-008106
Hotel SheratonBandartila Bazaar
District Council Post BungalowNoakhali
Forest department post bungalowNoakhali

Travel advice | How To Go Nijhum Dwip

  • Sea-trucks passing from Chairman Ghat or Nalchira travel depending on the tide. From here the trawler leaves every 2 hours in a row, and after 5 pm the trawler movement stops.
  • Only Robi and Airtel 3G facilities are available on Nijhum Island.
  • There is no electricity in Nijhum Island. Relying on solar and generators.
  • Carry extra battery or power bank of the mobile. However, there are two shops here for charging the battery of a torch, mobile or camera if necessary.

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