Dhaka To Sylhet Flight Schedule & Ticket Price 2022

Well, Today We will tell you Dhaka to Sylhet Flight Schedule. Everyday More Flights fly this important route. You know you Dhaka to Sylhet flight Price also. So Friends Let’s Go.

Sylhet is a major city in Bangladesh as well as Dhaka and Chattogram. Apart from being the main and divisional city of Sylhet division, there is also a lot of importance.

This city on the bank of Surma River is said to be the spiritual capital of Bangladesh. The economic position of Sylhet is financially very strong.

Not just Bangladesh, Sylhet is one of the richest districts in South Asia.

Many people in Sylhet are out of the country. A large part of it is in England. 95 percent of the Bangladeshi community in England is Sylhet people.

They send a huge amount of foreign currency every year. One can see that the government of Bangladesh alone earns more than 10 billion dollars of foreign currency every year from the expatriates of Sylhetis.

Sylhet has a lot of importance as a tourist center. There are many holy shrines in Sylhet that many Muslims from the country and abroad come to see.

These include the dargah of Hazrat Shah Jalal, the shrine of Shah Parana, the shrine of Gazi Burhanuddin and others.

Apart from natural beauty, there is no part of Sylhet. Here are the wonderful views of the Jaintia Hills, the beautiful Jaflong, the beautiful water channels of Bisanakandi, the nightclubs, the tea gardens filled with sage and more. Which attracts a lot of tourists.

That is why people from different parts of the country including Dhaka travel to Sylhet. Many foreign tourists can be found.

Dhaka To Sylhet Flight Schedule

Dhaka to Sylhet Flight Schedule

If you want to reach all the hassle at the speed of reaching Sylhet, then the Airway will be ideal for them. You can reach Dhaka from Sylhet only from 45 to 50 minutes.

Freedom rally, it is the fastest itinerary of Dhaka-Sylhet route. The airlines flew from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka and landed at Sylhet Osmani International Airport.

Earlier the flight number was low but now it has increased. Now every day in the week, Dhaka-Sylhet flights are available.

If the cost is slightly increased here, in a short time, the best way to go from Dhaka to Sylhet is to get the Airline.

Many airlines operate on Dhaka To Sylhet route. Airlines which operates flights on Dhaka To Sylhet as part of the internal flight operations are Bangladesh Biman Airlines, Novoair & US Bangla Airlines.

More than 30 flights a week left Dhaka for Sylhet. Here you get all Airlines Schedule by the table.

FlightDhaka LeaveSylhet ReachRuning Days
Bangladesh Biman04:30 am05:20 amSat, Sun, Wed, Fri
Bangladesh Biman04:35 am05:15 amSat, Sun, Wed, Fri
Bangladesh Biman04:40 am05:20 amSat, Sun, Wed, Fri
Bangladesh Biman11:00 am11:40 amEveryday
NovoAir11:30 am12:20 pmEveryday
US Bangla12:35 pm01:20 pmEveryday
Bangladesh Biman05:05 pm05:45 pmMon, Fri
NovoAir07:15 pm08:05 pmSat, Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu
US Bangla07:15 pm08:00 pmSat, Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu

Like any other flight Dhaka Sylhet flight and variable. If the flight number changes for the weather or any other reason, it will be entirely according to the airline’s decision.

Bangladesh Biman | Dhaka to Sylhet Flight Schedule

Firstly we tell you Latest air schedule of Dhaka to Sylhet route. This schedule managed by Bangladesh Biman Airlines. Bangladesh Biman operates four flights on this route every day. This is the schedule.

Saturday 4 flights

Flight NoDhaka LeaveSylhet Reach
40504:30 am05:20 am
60304:35 am05:15 am
60504:40 am05:20 am
60111:00 am11:40 am

Sunday 4 flights

Flight NoDhaka LeaveSylhet Reach
40504:30 am05:20 am
60304:35 am05:15 am
60504:40 am05:20 am
60111:00 am11:40 am

Monday 2 flights

Flight NoDhaka LeaveSylhet Reach
60111:00 am11:40 pm
24705:05 pm05:45 pm

Tuesday 1 flights

Flight NoDhaka LeaveSylhet Reach
60111:00 am11:40 am

Wednesday 4 flights

Flight NoDhaka LeaveSylhet Reach
40504:30 am05:20 am
60304:35 am05:15 am
60504:40 am05:20 am
60111:00 am11:40 am

Thursday 2 flights

Flight NoDhaka LeaveSylhet Reach
60111:00 am11:40 am

Friday 5 flights

Flight NoDhaka LeaveSylhet Reach
40504:30 am05:20 am
60304:35 am05:15 am
60504:40 am05:20 am
60111:00 am11:40 am
24705:05 pm05:45 pm
dhaka to sylhet flight

NovoAir | Dhaka to Sylhet Flight Schedule

Flight NoDhaka LeaveSylhet Reach
VQ98311:30 am12:20 pm
VQ98707:15 pm08:05 pm

US Bangla Airlines | Dhaka to Sylhet Flight Schedule:

Flight NoDhaka LeaveSylhet Reach
BS13512:35 pm01:20 pm
BS13707:15 pm08:00 pm

Dhaka to Sylhet Flight Price

There are a lot of confusions in people’s mind about airfare. Many people think that the airfare is high and it does not reach the hands of ordinary people. But that’s not right.

Now things have changed a lot. The number of airline companies has increased, airfares have so low. Passengers are more motivated to fly in this plane.

Our modern life is very fast. Now the conscious people value more time than anything else. In any way, they want to save time.

That’s why air travel is the best way. Airfares are always variable. Rent may vary according to travel date. In that case, the rent decreases or increases. But the difference is usually not too much.

Here is your Dhaka to Sylhet flight price list. We have made the list to give our readers a sense of fare on the Dhaka Sylhet route.

Osmani International Airport
Osmani International Airport
Flight NameMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Bangladesh Biman3,000 Tk.7,000 Tk (Economy Flexible)
NovoAir3,200 Tk.6,800 Tk. (Flexible)
US Bangla2,899 Tk.6,000 Tk. (Regular Economy)
dhaka to sylhet flight price

Still, we have tried to get an idea about the Dhaka Sylhet Airfare Rental. This information is taken from the respective airline’s website.

There are many different airlines in different airlines. Organizations from different types of classes or classes for passenger transport. There are different types of rent by class.

Here we have tried to make the list of the highest and lowest rental of each airline company. The list may change, and the decision of the concerned airline will be considered final.

Call Center Number

Flight NameContact Number
Bangladesh Biman01990 99 79 97
US Bangla Airlines01777 77 78 98

How To Buy an air ticket?

The passport will not be required for internal air travel. So there is no problem with the journey of air travel. For security reasons, only your national identity card will be run.

If there is no national ID, then there will be an ID of an authorized office or educational institution.

You can take a flight from Dhaka to Sylhet from your preferred air office. You can also make tickets from websites.

Those who like a discount, they can take tickets from travel agencies. You can get some discount in this case.

Here is the popular online travel agency list-

  1. travellink.com
  2. tripadvisor.com
  3. flightsearchdirect.com

Luggage information

  • According to the rules, every one of the economy passengers can carry a check amount of 20 kg. Besides, 7 kg of cargo luggage can be carved.
  • Business-class passengers can carry 30 kg check goods and carry 7 kg cabin luggage. If you want to transport more luggage than the additional fee.
  • Please contact your specific airlines to know about this fee.

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