Dhaka To Barishal Flight Schedule & Ticket Price 2021

Do You Want to Know Dhaka To Barishal Flight Schedule?. Yes, Today we will tell you about the latest Dhaka-Barishal Flight Schedule & Rent. Let’s Start.

Divisional city Barishal is the biggest river port in Bangladesh. Situated on the Kirtankhola river and on the northern shore of the Bay of Bengal in southern part of Bangladesh.

Barishal is the central city of this region with a divisional headquarters, medical college, Cadet College, some pharmaceutical and textile industries and the Inland Water Transport Authority’s head office.

Barishal is one of the main districts of southern Bangladesh. In ancient times its name was Chandradip. It is the largest city and divisional headquarters of Barishal Division on the banks of the river Kirthankola.

Barishal is the oldest and second largest river port in the country. Barishal communication from Dhaka has increased due to recent developments.

The amount of people who used to travel from Dhaka to Barisal 3-4 years ago is now doing twice or more. Launch and ferry are the main means of travel on this route.

Every day a large number of launches and ferries operate between Dhaka and Barishal. The launches usually leave Dhaka in the evening/night and reach Barishal the next morning.

You can also go to Barishal by bus if you wish. Barishal distance from Dhaka is about 250 kilometers by road.

Dhaka To Barishal Flight Schedule

After long breaks and irregularities, the flights from Dhaka to Barisal got a new life. For this, the government has to thank. Due to their time-consuming efforts, problems related to airport have been made possible.

That’s why airlines are again excited about aviation on this route, which is good news for ordinary travelers.

Regular travelers, especially those who frequently travel to Dhaka in need of a job or business, have suffered greatly.

Currently there are 3 airlines operating regularly on the Barishal route from Dhaka. These are- Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Novoair & US Bangla.

The three airlines operate on an average of 18 flights a week from Dhaka to Barishal. Of these, NovoAir operates flights 7 days a week.

The service has gained a lot of popularity among travelers and the demand for passengers is more than the number of flights. In most cases, passengers booked each seat in advance.

The planes flew from Shahjalal International Airport and landed at Barisal Airport. Here you get Dhaka to Barishal latest flight Schedule by the table.

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Bangladesh Biman Dhaka to Barishal Flight Schedule

Firstly we tell you Bangladesh Biman Latest air schedule of Dhaka to Barishal route. This schedule managed by Bangladesh Biman Airlines.

Bangladesh Biman operates only one flight on this route every day. This is the latest schedule.


  • Flight 469: Dhaka leave at 10:30 pm. Barishal reached at 11:15 pm.


  • Flight 469: Dhaka leave at 02:00 pm. Barishal reached at 02:45 pm.


  • Flight 469: Dhaka leave at 10:30 pm. Barishal reached at 11:15 pm.


  • Flight 469: Dhaka leave at 03:30 pm. Barishal reached at 04:15 pm.


  • Flight 469: Dhaka leave at 02:00 pm. Barishal reached at 02:45 pm.

Here you get the latest Bangladesh Biman Airlines Schedule

Novoair Dhaka to Barishal Flight Schedule

  • Flight VQ997: Dhaka leave at 03:20 pm. Barishal reached at 04:00 pm. [Every day]

Here you get the latest Novoair Schedule

US Bangla Airlines Dhaka to Barishal Flight Schedule

  • Flight BS171: Dhaka leave at 01:40 pm. Barishal reached at 02:15 pm. [Sat, Tue, Thu]

Here you get the latest US Bangla Airlines Schedule

Dhaka To Barishal Flight Tickets

People still have many misconceptions about airline fares. Many people think that traveling in the sky is only a matter of the upper class, not the middle class or lower class. But it is not.

Different airlines have now reduced airline fares to encourage passengers to travel by air. Airline fares are always changing.

Prices may vary depending on the travel date. In that case, the rent may decrease or increase slightly. However, the difference is usually not too much.

Nevertheless, we have tried to get an idea about the flight fares from Dhaka to Rajshahi. This information is taken from the respective airline’s website.

Different airlines have different airline fares. Companies arrange different classes or classes for passenger transport. Classroom rentals vary.

  • Bangladesh Biman Airlines (one person) – Minimum 2,500 Tk. (super saver), Maximum 8,200 Tk. (Economy Flexible)
  • Novoair (one person) – Minimum 2,700 Tk. (Special Promo Package), Maximum 8,200 Tk. (Flexible)
  • US Bangla Airlines (one person) – Minimum 2,699 Tk. (Promotional Economy), Maximum 6,000 Tk. (Regular Economy)

How To Buy an air ticket?

The passport will not be required for internal air travel. So there is no problem with the journey of air travel. For security reasons, only your national identity card will be run.

If there is no national ID, then there will be an ID of an authorized office or educational institution.

You can take a flight from Dhaka to Saidpur from your preferred air office. You can also make tickets from websites.

Those who like a discount, they can take tickets from travel agencies. You can get some discount in this case.

Here is the popular online travel agency list-

  1. travellink.com
  2. tripadvisor.com
  3. flightsearchdirect.com

Luggage informationLuggage information

According to the rules, every one of the economy passengers can carry a check amount of 20 kg. Besides, 7 kg of cargo luggage can be carved.

Business-class passengers can carry 30 kg check goods and carry 7 kg cabin luggage. If you want to transport more luggage than the additional fee.

Please contact your specific airlines to know about this fee.