Dhaka To Saidpur Flight Schedule & Ticket Price 2023

Today I will tell you Dhaka To Saidpur Flight Schedule. Every day more flights fly this route.

Saidpur is a city of Nilphamari district in Rangpur division and having the northernmost airport in the country.

The city was established based on the Saidpur Railway Workshop established in 1870 by the British Colonial regime.

Saidpur is one of the most important economic zones in Bangladesh, because of its regional positioning and Uttara Export Processing Zone is here to provide special facilities for foreign companies with the safe, cheapest place and hardworking labor.

Saidpur is the closest airport to Nepal and Bhutan, local businessmen also succeeded to capture a good market position in India, Nepal, and Bhutan on their own capability.

Bangladeshi airlines give most importance to Dhaka Saidpur route. That is why we see that many airlines, including Bangladesh Airlines, are operating flights on this route.

Traveling by sky on this route has gained considerable popularity. The main reason for this is less travel time.

Under normal circumstances, it takes almost an entire day to travel to Dhaka Saidpur by bus or train. On the other hand, it takes only 59 minutes to reach Saidpur from Dhaka by the sky!

The planes will fly from Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport in Dhaka and reach you at Saidpur Airport in an hour or less!

Dhaka To Saidpur Flight Schedule
Dhaka To Saidpur Flight Schedule

Dhaka To Saidpur Flight Schedule

Saidpur is a popular name for Bangladeshi airlines. Each airline operates multiple flights on the Dhaka Saidpur route.

The airlines currently operating flights to Dhaka Saidpur are –

  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines
  • Novoair
  • US Bangla Airlines

All other airlines, except Bangladesh Airlines, operate multiple flights daily on the Dhaka Saidpur route. Novoair and US Bangla Airlines operate 8 flights to Dhaka Saidpur daily.

In addition, Bangladesh Airlines operates 2 flights. Regent Airlines has stopped flying on this route since December 2018.

A total of 11 flights operate daily from Dhaka to Saidpur route. Here you get all airlines schedule by the table-

Dhaka leaveSaidpur reachedFlightDays
07:30 am08:25 amBimanSaturday Off
07:45 am08:45 amUs BanglaEvery day
08:10 am09:10 amNovo airEveryday
09:40 am10:40 amNovo airEveryday
10:30 am11:30 amNovo airSunday Off
10:30 am11:30 amUs BanglaEvery day
12:00 pm01:00 pmNovo airSunday Off
12:00 pm01: 00 pmUs BanglaEvery day
01:30 pm02:30 pmNovo airSun & Monday
02:05 pm03:05 pmUs BanglaEvery day
03:00 pm04:00 pmNovo airSun & Monday
04:45 pm05:40 pmBimanThursday Off
05:00 pm06:00 pmUs BanglaEvery day
06:00 pm07:00 pmNovo airSunday Off
07:30 pm08:30 pmNovo airSunday Off
07:30 pm08:30 pmUs BanglaEvery day
08:00 pm09:00 pmNovo airMonday Off
09:30 pm10:30 pmNovo airMonday Off

Like any other flight Dhaka To Saidpur flight and variable. If the flight number changes for the weather or any other reason, it will be entirely according to the airline’s decision.

Bangladesh Biman | Dhaka to Saidpur Flight Schedule

Firstly we tell you Latest air schedule of Dhaka to Saidpur route. This schedule managed by Bangladesh Biman Airlines.

Bangladesh Biman operates only one or two flights on this route every day. This is the schedule.

Flight NoDhaka leaveSaidpur reachedDays
49307:30 am08:25 amSaturday Off
49504:45 pm05:40 pmThursday Off
  • Here you get the latest Bangladesh Biman Airlines Schedule

Novoair | Dhaka to Saidpur Flight Schedule

Flight NoDhaka leaveSaidpur reachedDays
96108:10 am09:10 amEveryday
96209:40 am10:40 amEveryday
96310:30 am11:30 amSunday Off
96412:00 pm01:00 pmSunday Off
96501:30 pm02:30 pmSun & Monday
96603:00 pm04:00 pmSun & Monday
96706:00 pm07:00 pmSunday Off
96807:30 pm08:30 pmSunday Off
96908:00 pm09:00 pmMonday Off
97009:30 pm10:30 pmMonday Off

US Bangla Airlines | Dhaka to Saidpur Flight Schedule

Flight NoDhaka leaveSaidpur reachedDays
BS18107:45 am08:45 amEvery day
BS18310:30 am11:30 amEvery day
BS18512:00 pm01: 00 pmEvery day
BS18702:05 pm03:05 pmEvery day
BS19305:00 pm06:00 pmEvery day
BS19507:30 pm08:30 pmEvery day

Dhaka To Saidpur Flight Ticket Price

There was a time when many destinations could not be fly. Again the rent was out of reach. Because of this, the number of air passengers was very low.

But now there are some good airlines in Bangladesh offering their services. As there are multiple airlines, as fares have decreased, passenger service quality has improved.

Our modern life is much faster. Now conscious people value time more than anything else. Either way, they want to save time. That’s the best way to travel by air.

Airline fares are always changing. Saidpur Airport fares from Dhaka are no exception. Prices may vary depending on the travel date. In that case, the rent may decrease or increase slightly.

However, the difference is usually not too much. We have tried to create a comparative list of all airlines’ fares from Dhaka to Saidpur route. Information about the fares is obtained from the respective airline’s website.

Bangladesh Biman2,900 Tk6,200 Tk
Novoair2,700 Tk8,200 Tk.
US Bangla4,499 Tk.8,400 Tk

How To Buy an air ticket?

The passport will not be required for internal air travel. So there is no problem with the journey of air travel. For security reasons, only your national identity card will be run.

If there is no national ID, then there will be an ID of an authorized office or educational institution.

You can take a flight from Dhaka to Saidpur from your preferred air office. You can also make tickets from websites.

Those who like a discount, they can take tickets from travel agencies. You can get some discount in this case.

Here is the popular online travel agency list-

  1. travellink.com
  2. tripadvisor.com
  3. flightsearchdirect.com

Luggage information

According to the rules, every one of the economy passengers can carry a check amount of 20 kg. Besides, 7 kg of cargo luggage can be carved.

Business-class passengers can carry 30 kg check goods and carry 7 kg cabin luggage. If you want to transport more luggage than the additional fee.

Please contact your specific airlines to know about this fee.

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