Dhaka To Khulna Bus Schedule & Ticket price 2022

Here You get Dhaka To Khulna Bus Schedule. Everyday More Buses run this route. let’s go to read Dhaka-Khulna Bus Schedule & Rent.

From Dhaka to Khulna can be done directly on non-stop bus. The bus has good AC / Non AC type of bus.

Khulna is the third-largest city in Bangladesh after Dhaka and Chittagong. Khulna District and Khulna Division Headquarters are located in this city.

This city is situated on the banks of Rupsa and Bhairab rivers in the southwestern part of Bangladesh. This is one of the oldest river ports in Bangladesh.

48 km from Khulna City The second seaport of Bangladesh is located at Mongla Seaport. The world-famous coastal forest is located in the southern part of the Sundarbans Khulna district.

The distance from the capital Dhaka to Khulna city is 278 km by road. Traveling from Dhaka to Khulna on the road may take 7 hours 25 minutes.

Highways, airports, waterways can be used along with other areas of the country including the capital.

Dhaka To Khulna Bus Schedule
Dhaka khulna Bus

Dhaka To Khulna Bus Schedule

Every day from morning till deep night, several buses operate on this route. It has luxury AC buses, as does non-AC bus.

Shohag Paribahan, Sheba Green Line, Falguni Paribahan, AK Travels, Sundarban Classic, Porjotok Paribahan, Mohona Paribahan, Bepari Paribahan, Tungipara Express, Greenline Paribahan, Konok Paribahan, Bonoful Paribahan is the popular bus in this route.

Non AC Bus | Dhaka To Khulna Bus

Bus NameFare (Per seat)
Shohagh Paribahan575 Taka
Seba Green Line500 Taka
Falguni Paribahan500 Taka
AK Travels500 Taka
Sundarban Classic500 Taka
Porjotok Paribahan500 Taka
Mohona Paribahan500 Taka
Bepari Paribahan500 Taka
Tungipara Express500 Taka
Green Line Paribahan500 Taka
Kanak Paribahan500 Taka
Bonoful Transport500 Taka
Desh Travels550 Taka
Diganta Paribahan550 Taka
Hanif Enterprise550 Taka
Emad Paribahan500 Taka

AC Bus | Dhaka To Khulna Bus

Bus NameFare (Per seat)
Shohagh Paribahan1300 Taka
Green Line Paribahan1100 Taka
800 Taka
Falguni Paribahan700 Taka
600 Taka
Tungipara Express550 Taka
Desh Travels1200 Taka

This latest information collected from bus counter. However, in any case, the price of the ticket may change. Make sure the price is confirmed before you buy your ticket.

Dhaka To Khulna Bus Counter Number

Here is your all bus counters number. You can call any time for your tickets. so friends just call & get your tickets.

Shohag Paribahan

CounterContact Number
Janopath Mor01926-699364
Chittagong Road01926-699345
Biswa Road01926-696165
Malibagh09606444777, 02-9344477, 01711-612433
Madhya Badda09606444777
Abdullahpur02-8956345, 01711-624390
Junction Road09606444777

GreenLine Paribahan

CounterContact Number
Rajarbagh02-9342580, 02-9339623
Arambagh02-7192301, 01730-060009
Fakirapul02-7191900, 01730-060013
Kalabagan02-9133145, 01730-060006
Kalyanpur Khalek Pump02-8032957, 01730-060080
Kalyanpur Sohrab Pump01730-060081
Uttara Ajampur01970-060075
Uttara Abdullahpur01970-060076
BRTC International Bus Terminal01730-060060
KDA avenue, Khulna01709-932723, 01730-060037, 041-813888

Desh Travels

CounterContact Number
Arambagh02-7192345, 01762-684430, 01709-989436
Mohakhali01705- 430566
Uttara Ajampur01762-685091
Uttara BMS01762-684438
Kalabagan02-9124544.01762-684431, 01709-989435
Kalyanpur02-8091613, 01762-684440
Sohrab Pump02-8091612, 01762-684403
Barabazar, Khulna01402-040204
Royal Junction, Khulna01318-333992
Sonadanga Bus Stand, Khulna01318-333993
Shivbari Junction, Khulna01318-333990
New Road Counter, Khulna01318-333989
Daulatpur, Khulna01318-333988
Phulbari Gate, Khulna01318-333987
Shirmoni, Khulna01318-333986
Fultala, Khulna01318-333985
Noapara, Khulna01318-333984

AK Travels

CounterContact Number
Gabtali Bus Stand01709-964204, 01709-964205, 01709-964206
Kalyanpur Bus Stand01709-964207
Shyamoli Bus Station01709-964208, 01709-964209
Lake Circuit01709-964211
Royal More, Khulna01709-964197, 01709-964198
Shivbari, Khulna01709-964199
Sonadanga, Khulna01709-964200
New Road, Khulna01709-964158.
Boyra Bazar, Khulna01709-964159
Daulatpur, Khulna01709-964160
Ful Bari Gate, Khulna01709-964161
Fultala, Khulna01709-964162
Chuknagar Bazar, Khulna01709-964152
Paikgachha, Khulna01709-964201
Kapilmoni, Khulna01709-964157

Tungipara EXPRESS

CounterContact Number
Khulna Bus Station01920-492617, 01793-137262
Khalishpur, Khulna01793-137270
Sonadanga, Khulna01793-137262
Royal Counter, Khulna01793-137265
Rupsha Ghat, Khulna01793-137266

Kanak Paribahan

CounterContact Number
Jamuna Future Park01997-014025
Narda Bazar01997-014258
Malibag kacabajar01997-014028
Khulna Counter01907-013030, 01997-014013
Fultola, Khulna01997-014260
Shiromoni, Khulna01997-014261
Daulatpur, Khulna01997-014262
Fulbari Gate, Khulna01997-014263
Natun rasta, Khulna01997-014264
New Market, Khulna01997-914265
Royal Mor, Khulna01997-014266
Sonadanga, Khulna01997-014267

Bonoful Transport | Dhaka To Khulna Bus

CounterContact Number
Khulna01718-100653, 01913-496273

Porjotok Paribahan

CounterContact Number

Bepari Paribahan

CounterContact Number

Mohona Paribahan

CounterContact Number

Falguni Paribahan

CounterContact Number
Khulna01914-771073, 01911-116650, 01737-786108

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