Bandhan Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2024

Bandhan Express is one & only train in the Khulna to Kolkata route. So far, Now I tell you about Khulna to Kolkata Bandhan Express train schedule & ticket price. This is a very popular train in this route passengers.

Kolkata-Khulna Express or Bandhan Express is an international standard passenger train. It travels from Kolkata, West Bengal to Khulna, Bangladesh.

This is the second train that runs between these two countries Bangladesh & India (Kolkata). Besides, the Maitree Express regularly runs on the Kolkata route from Dhaka.

The train service was launched on 16 November 2017 as a symbol of friendship between Bangladesh and India. The word Bandhan means connection. It was launched after 52 years.

As both the buggies and engines of the train are used in both countries, the buggies and engines of both countries are used. As a result, passengers do not have to change the border train.

The train leaving India leaves from Kolkata Railway Station. This is where immigration is completed. However, visas have to be collected from the Indian Embassy in advance.

Bandhan Express Runs Only Sunday & Thursday On the Khulna to Kolkata & Kolkata to Khulna route

Bandhan Express leaves from Khulna station in Bangladesh. The passengers of Khulna will have to collect tickets by appearing at the counter of Khulna Station with proper and proper papers.

The train travels from Kolkata to Dumdum-Bangaon-Petrapole-Benapole-Jhikargacha-Jessore to Khulna.

Bandhan Express Train Schedule
Bandhan Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2024 2

Bandhan Express Train Schedule

You can enjoy the natural beauty of Bangladesh and India together while traveling by Bandhan Express. This is why this train is so special.

From Khulna to Kolkata, it will take maximum five hours to cross the 200 km railway line. Bandhan express Departure Kolkata at 07:10 AM. This train arrival Khulna at 12:00 PM.

This train Khulna Departure time at 1.30 pm & Kolkata arrival at 05:40 PM. Here is your latest schedule by the train.

Khulna to Kolkata | Bandhan Express Train Schedule

When this train runs from Kolkata to Khulna route this number is 3129. Here is your Kolkata to Khulna train schedule time table with substations.

Train No3130
Total Duration4 Hour 40 Minutes
OffdaySat, Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri
Khulna01:30 pm
Jashore02:30 pm
Benapole04:00 pm
Kolkata05:40 pm (Arrival)

Kolkata to Khulna | Bandhan Express Train Schedule

This train number is 3130 when it runs from Khulna to Kolkata route. Here is your Khulna to Kolkata train schedule time table with substations.

Train No3130
Total Duration4 Hour 50 Minutes
OffdaySat, Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri
Kolkata 07:10 am
Khulna 12:00 pm (Arrival)

Bandhan Express Train Ticket Price

Here is your Bandhan Express train ticket‘s latest price. You need Indian visa for traveling Khulna to Kolkata.

ClassRent Per Seat
AC Single1455 Taka + 15% Vat
AC Chair970 Taka + 15% Vat

Khulna to Kolkata train ticket booking

Now I tell you all the information about Bandhan Express ticket booking. Tickets for Bandhan Express have not yet been purchased online. So you have to go to the nearest train station for your tickets.

If you want to go Khulna to Kolkata you get tickets from Khulna Railway Station or Benapole Railway Station.

If you want to journey Kolkata to Khulna you get tickets from Kolkata Railway Station, Dum Dum Station, Bangaon Station, Petrapole Station.

Not only that you get your all tickets from this station. when you book a ticket then you have to go to counter with your passport, visa, and travel-related necessary papers.

Tickets counters

Khulna Railway Station Benapole Railway Station
Kolkata Railway StationDum Dum Station
Bangaon StationPetrapole Station

Immigration process

  • In the early days, the passengers would have to get off the train with their heavy luggage at the border station, walk through Customs and immigration and board the train again but now things will improve for the honorable passengers.
  • But a new immigration system has been put in place to speed up the process.

Bandhan Express Details

There are 10 coaches on the Bandhan Express train. Out of which 4 Executive Chairs (EC), 4 AC Chair Car (CC) And a luggage and guard van with 2 generators. The gray-red and sky gray-blue pure LHV coaches produced in India are used for this train.

The name of the train was first proposed to be ‘Sonartori’. But it was excluded because of the same name used in the railways of both countries. This is followed by ‘Sompreti & Bandhan’. Later the name of the ‘Bandhan’ was unanimously adopted.

After many bureaucratic complications, the ties finally started to move.

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