Rangamati Tourist Spots & Hotel Rent [2019 Updated]

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Rangamati is a beautiful land. Sunlight on the mountain, filled full moon night, the gentle waves of the sea water cascade fountain drink seen flashing the hill, saw beautiful mountains, forests of Rangamati town. Random rows rally waved small hills. Rangamati hill town with them. Everywhere look varied artistic scene.

How to go Rangamati

Rangamati located about 77 kilometers from the tourist city of Chittagong. Chittagong, Rangamati, it would take two and a half hours to come. Chittagong, Rangamati main bus station Muradpur Biswaroad.

And non-stop from where buses leave BRTC Services. A quiet environment, you might want to stay in Rangamati tourist motel. Each room will have to pay rent for the 800. 1200 AC double room will pay again.

Tourist Spots

Tourist Motel and hanging bridge: Tourist Motel and hanging bridge on the verge of the sea lap against the Police had ‘Porjoton Holiday Complex’. It was built in 1986. This attractive tourist motel. This area known as deer park. The magnificent blue waters of the lake is visible from the motels, and far up-and-down hills will dazzle anyone.

Sublong Fountains: From Rangamati Sadar Sublong Fountains only a 5 kilometer distance. Reserve Bazar Rangamati,porjoton ghat & different places, travel by speed boats and vessels can easily go Sublong. Speed boat ride around the lake and went to the local engine powered the first lap to come down from the mountain to be the eyes sublong at the fountain.

Tuk Tuk Eco Village: long trips to the lake, tired-worn quite a few ethnic restaurants for guests to taste a variety of dishes. Artist wood and bamboo made fun of all the food in the restaurant can be found in national and hilly. 50 acres of the elevation of the whole eco-village several lovely wooden cottages.

Peda ting ting and Changpang: Surrounding the Kaptai lake, mountains and lakes everywhere. Nothing can be expected here without wild nature. This way can see them on a hill and Peda Ting Ting Pang Chang Pang.

Balukhali: The Balukhali agricultural farm near the city of Rangamati. That there are large areas of farm production, the word is very nice. People come in droves to picnic time around here.

Raj Banabihar: Rangamati is one of the spectacular places is Raj Banabihar. It is a Buddhist pilgrimage site in the region. Here there is a prayplace, a pagoda, banovanthor (Buddhist monks) cafeteria of banovanthor. In addition to prayer every Friday here on several occasions.

Rangamati tourist spots & hotel rent

More Tourist Spots

Phuromon: phuramon hill is located a short distance from town. Rangamati up the mountain to enjoy the beauty of the city is amazing. Its height of 518 feet. If go to the mountains to go phuramon via the City of Manikchharhi Sapchhari.

Monghor and Sukhinilgonj: Just five kilometers from the city of Rangamati hill is located on four acres in ranapani residence Monghor children. The organization of the local people known as the Chittagong Hill Tracts peace. Orphans and vulnerable children in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in 1974, it was established to study the shelter.

DC Banglow: zero point of Rangamati, Bandarban Deputy Police had the other leg side Banglow. Roads connecting the vast waters of the lake surrounded by Banglow three side. There is a lighthouse on top of a small hill next to the Banglow and kocapana the Batighar, which is connected by bridges to the Banglow.

Tribal Museum: Rangamati tribal museum attracted the most attention. It started in 1978. The new building was built in 2003 are more prosperous. The nation soul traditional jewelery at the museum, living in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, dress-costume, musical instruments, weapons, ancient coins, ancient religious texts, oil and tribal way of life is different photograph.

Beer Munshi Abdur Rouf Best Monuments: Bir Lance Naik Munshi Abdur Rouf district naniyarachar burighate was killed during the war. He was buried in the local mountains. The Rangamati BDR (now BGB), the construction of the memorial.

Sajek Valley : Sajek Valley of the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh is usually a little more than a tourist attraction. He has raised more than attarctive ‘sajek’ valley. In terms of volume, the country’s largest union is ‘sajek’.

Hotel Rent

Hotel Sufia International | Booking- 0351-62145, 01715-251846
Premier Suite (ac) – 2500 tk.
Deluxe Suite (ac) – 2000 tk.
Double (ac) – 1400 tk.
Single (ac) – 1000 tk.
Executive Single – 900 tk.
Standard Double – 900 tk.
Economy Double – 800 tk.
3 Bed – 1050 tk.
4 Bed – 1200 tk.
Single – 450 tk.
Economy Single – 350 tk.

Hotel Green Cales | Booking- 0351-71214, 01726-511532
Deluxe Couple (ac) – 1500 tk.
Twin (non ac) – 1100 tk.
Couple Bed (ac) – 1600 tk.
Single (non ac) – 800 tk.
Triple Bed (non ac) – 1500 tk.
Triple Bed (ac) – 2000 tk.
2 Couple Bed (ac) – 2500 tk.
Couple Bed – 1000 tk.


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