Joypurhat Station Train Schedule With Ticket Price 2023

Are you searching for Joypurhat Station Train Schedule? Yes, you are in the right place. Now I will tell you Joypurhat Station Train Schedule With Ticket Price.

Joypurhat is the most popular station for Bangladesh Railway. Every day more people run this route. If you need any information about this station just stay with us.

Joypurhat Station Train Schedule
Joypurhat Station Train Schedule

Joypurhat Station Train Schedule | Intercity

There are seven intercity trains run this route everyday. You can reach any train for your destinations. This station Intercity trains are- Ekota Express, Rupsha Express, Barandra Express, Titumir Express, Simanta Express, Drutojan Express & Nilsagor Express.

705Ekota Express04:09 PMDinajpur06:50 PMTue
706Ekota Express01:13 AMDhaka08:10 AMMon
727Rupsha Express02:12 PMChilahati05:00 PMThu
728Rupsha Express10:59 AMKhulna05:10 PMThu
731Barandra Express06:13 PMChilahati09:50 PMSun
732Barandra Express09:00 AMRajshahi12:05 PMSun
733Titumir Express09:43 AMChilahati01:00 PMWed
734Titumir Express05:28 PMRajshahi09:10 PMWed
747Simanta Express03:30 AMChilahati06:20 AMNo
748Simanta Express09:38 PMKhulna04:15 AMNo
757Drutojan Express02:34 AMDinajpur04:40 AMWed
758Drutojan Express11:34 AMDhaka06:10 PMWed
765Nilsagor Express02:47 PMChilahati05:45 PMMon
766Nilsagor Express00:20 AMDhaka07:10 AMSun

Joypurhat Station Train Schedule | Mail/Express

Here are your mail train lists by the table. Only two mail trains run this station. One of these is Rocket Express & another is Uttara Express. These trains run every day a week. They have no off day.

23Rocket Express08:20 PMParbatipur10:00 PM
24Rocket Express10:41 AMKhulna11:45 PM
31Uttara Express06:29 PMParbatipur08:15 PM
32Uttara Express05:09 AMRajshahi10:20

Joypurhat Station Contact Number

  • Joypurhat Station Contact Number –

About Joypurhat Station

Joypurhat Railway Station is an important railway station in the Jaipurhat district of Bangladesh. It was established in the British Raj in 1884. It is located at Zero Point in the city of Joypurhat. Joypurhat Station Train Schedule

Joypurhat Railway Station is a very important station in the northern part of Bangladesh. The two largest railway junctions, Santahar and Parbatipur are very close to this station. Joypurhat Station Train Schedule

Every day many trains travel to this station in different parts of the country. Joypurhat is a district near the border of Bangladesh. Hilly land port is very close to Joypurhat. Joypurhat Station Train Schedule

So many people who want to go to India, Nepal or Bhutan come to Jaipurhat by rail. They can also travel from this station to the Helli by rail. Joypurhat Station Train Schedule

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