Cox’s Bazar Tourist Spots & Hotel Rent 2020

You want to know Cox’s bazar Tourist Spots & Hotel Rent. Ok this report only for you. Cox’s Bazar is a tourist city located in the southeast of the country. It is in the district of Cox’s Bazar in Chittagong Division. Cox’s Bazar is famous for its natural beauty.

The world’s longest natural sandy beach which is breaking up the continuous Bodorkam 120 km from the town of Cox’s Bazar. There is a wide range. The port is the largest marine fisheries and submarine cable landing station.

Located 15 km south of Chittagong, from Cox’s Bazar. Distance of 414 km from Dhaka It is the country’s biggest tourist attractions. project has been taken to the railway line from Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar.

Tourist attraction

Many organizations have been developed by the tourism industry here. Many hotels built in the private sector, in addition to Bangladesh tourist motel built close to the beach, there are two hotels.

In the oyster market has developed for tourists. Border of Myanmar, Thailand, China and other countries to come to the party is made up of Burmese goods market.

How To Go Airway

Airway, Train & Highway  you can go to Dhaka to Cox’ Bazar. Everyday many transport run this way. you can choice any kind of this. All kind of transport rent is different. you choice your transport by rent & time.

Everyday 13 Flight run Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. you can choose any kind of flight. Bangladesh Biman, Novoair, US-Bangla Airlines & Regent Airways run there flight in this route.

This air travel distance is equal to 190 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Dhaka and Cox’s Bāzār is 306 km= 190 miles. If you travel with an airplan miles from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, It takes 1 hours to arrive.

Novoair :  8:30 am, 9:15 am, 11:40 am, 1:30 pm, 3:00 pm [price : 4,700 to 9,500]

US-Bangla Airlines :  9:00 am, 11:45 am, 2:45 pm [price : 3,700 to 7,700]

Regent Airways : 10:15 am, 1:20 pm [price : 3,900 to 11,000]

Bangladesh Biman : 11:00 am, 2:10 pm, 2:30 pm [price : 3,900 to 9,500]

all rent changeable any time any date

Cox’s bazar Tourist Spots

Cox’s Bazar beach: This is the longest sandy beach in the world. The length of 120 km. Open jeep, walking or riding a speed boat there was Laboni point, kolatali point, point of diabetic hospital a few more points.

Sonadia Island: This is surrounded by the sea around the island of Excellent scene. West and south of the island to the city of Cox’s Bazar.

Saint. Martin: coral island and the blue vista of coconut water bath Gulls. 38 km south of Teknaf police headquarters.

Bangabandhu Safari Park: Bangabandhu Safari Park covers an area of 900 hectares of protected forest and wild. 5 km to the south, at a place called Chakoria dulahajara. Will go on the road.

Himchhari: Cox’s Bazar, about 10 km south. On the way there are several natural springs Himchharhi. A picnic spot by the forest department in the south of Cox’s Bazar have been made.

Radar Station: Radar station stand on hilltop location at the southern side of the Circuit House. From here jharajhanja nationwide, storm, high tide forecasts.

Bodor Mokam: Bodor mosque Mokam the oldest mosque in the city. Rumor has it that the saint has been named locally badarasahara. The mosque is located on the south bank of the river near Cox’s Bazar Sadar Bakkhali.

Hilltop Circuit House: district council building in a pleasant environment in the western mountains to the south hilltop location of the Circuit House. Darjeeling, India will look like. From the hilltop see billow from the Bay of Bengal and tourism in the city can be seen.

Light House: Radar station on the south side of a hilltop.

Cox’s bazar Tourist Spots

Ancient Tradition: 1600-1700 AD, a mosque was built during the reign of Shah Shuja. Leave a neighborhood mosque known as the Mosque as Ajgobi. It is located on the north side of the camp in Cox’s Bazar Sadar .

Hatchery Zone: Atomic Energy Commission from the hatchery to the south kolatali. Billion a year in revenue.

Pagodas: In 1790, the English conquest of Arakan barmij constructed in different areas of the Rakhine community. They say the memorial. Sadar Bazar, Ramu and Teknaf hill or pagodas can be seen in the high hillock.

Buddhist merit Agga Kang: Kang Buddhist Cox’s Bazar Sadar large and small are more than 7 million. Kang and the talent. Buddhist statues look like the barely established. Buddhist religious festival, Buddha Purnima, the full moon festival is celebrated at Kang.

Burnfish export and processing zones: the whole area has quite a few Burnfish export and processing companies. Fish landing centers derives from the Bay of Bengal, where fisheries are down. The place is located on the banks of the river Bak-khali

Salt production and processing areas: Tinsukia, napitakhali the needs of 85% of the country’s salt production, processing and marketing can be. Cox’s Bazar town 35 km away from the location.

Burmese Market: Rakhine women in various types of handicrafts and other commodities.

Oyster Market: oyster industry, the sales and marketing of all kinds of commodities. Holiday hotel’s location on the main road crossing.

Shah Omar Shah (RA) – the Dargah: Kakara union has a name shrines and holy places of the Muslims. The kakra a historic horse run is held every year. Kakra is famious for the Manikpur buffalo yogurt .

Coxs Bazar Tourist Spots & Hotel Rent

More Cox’s bazar Tourist Spots

Rose cultivation project: covers about 50 acres have been cultivated roses personal initiative. The flower garden is located in Chakoria Herbang.

Dulahajara Safari Park: the government declared the area. Different from the Safari Park Zoo. 900 hectares of the area. Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar highway at the east side of Chakoria dulahajara reserve forests imposing landscapes of the Safari Park. Cox’s Bazar district in the north of the park distance of 50 km and 10 km to the south of the front Chakoria

Musical Nature Center: Safari park has been established within the scanning center of the first nature. Almost all of the forest vegetation, wildlife model, mural and the light and sound streams, wildlife .
Artificial lakes: dulahajara Safari Wildlife Park inside two artificial lakes for drinking water contains.

Natural History Museum: Royal Bengal Tiger in 1960, Cox’s forests have been lost. Freshwater crocodile has become extinct in the Sundarbans. This is the first museum of wildlife.

Rubber garden: natural beauty, amazing tourist attractions in the Ramu rubber plantation different tinge. Bangladesh Forest Industries Development Corporation plans to set up over 28886 acres of land in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, as well as the largest rubber plantations.

Naikhangchhori lake and hanging bridges: It is a natural pond. Here is a hanging bridge. From the Cox’s Bazar town Naikhangchhori going to the car, and the day has come around. Distance from Cox’s Bazar district Naikhangchhori 8 km :.

Inani: Go to Cox’s Bazar beach to inani to jeep about three miles to the west.

coxbazar hotel list

Coxbazar Hotel Rent

Tourist city Cox’s bazar has more Hotel-motel & Resorts. 500 tk to 50,000 tk they charge per night for a single room or suite. They serve you more facilities for this money. Here you get some cheap hotel rent list.

Hotel Sea Queen

Address & Phone
Main Road, Jhawtala, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. ph : 0961-4801050, 01819-321888.

Hotel Tariff
Economy Single – 1,000 tk.
Economy Three – 2,000 tk.
Deluxe Four Bed – 2,500 tk.
Deluxe Three Bed – 3,000 tk.
Couple Deluxe AC – 3,000 tk.
VIP Suite – 5,000 tk.

Water Orchid

Address & Phone
Block # C, Road # 02, House # 25, Kolatoli, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Phone: 01831-649434

Hotel Tariff
Standard – 1,500 tk.
Deluxe – 2,000 tk.
Family Suite – 2,500 tk.
Family Suite (pick) – 4,500 tk.
Honeymoon Suite – 3,000 tk.
Honeymoon (pick) – 5,000 tk.

SK Kamal Royal Palace

Address & Phone
Plot # 37, Block # B, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Phone: 034152324, 01707-005096

Hotel Tariff
Double – 2,000 tk.
Twin Room – 2,000 tk.
Triple Room – 2,500 tk.
Quadruple – 2,500 tk.

Grand Beach Resort

Address & Phone
Block A, Plot 27, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Phone: 01720-355991

Hotel Tariff
Non AC Single – 2,200 tk.
Non AC Couple – 2,500 tk.
Executive King – 2,800 tk.
Non AC Four Bed – 3,200 tk.
AC Twin Bed – 3,500 tk.
Executive Couple – 4,000 tk.

Bashati Bay Resort

Address & Phone
Plot# 3, Block- C, Saikat R/A, Kolatoli, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Phone : 01826-981981, 01821-940430

Hotel Tariff
Regular Suite – 2,400 tk.
Premier Twin – 2,500 tk.
Premier Suite – 2,700 tk.
Executive Suite – 3,000 tk.
Deluxe Suite – 3,500 tk.
Sea View Suite – 4,000 tk.

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