Adventure 6 Ticket Price, Schedule & Contact Number 2023

The new Catamaran type vessel MV Adventurer-6 has been added to the Day service of Dhaka-Barisal water route. Here is your Adventure 6 Ticket Price, Schedule & Contact Number.

The Shipping Lines vessel officially started its journey from Barisal to Dhaka on 28 April 2022 at 8:30 am. The matter has been confirmed by Barisal Seaport Officer and BIWTA Joint Director Mostafizur Rahman.

He said this is the only new vessel added to the Barisal-Dhaka route this Eid. In addition to the regular passenger vessels, a total of 28 launches will carry passengers in the special service this Eid. We have made all preparations to ensure the safety of the passengers.

Adventure 6 Ticket Price
Adventure 6 Ticket Price, Schedule & Contact Number 2023 2

Adventure 6 Ticket Schedule

Barisal Leave08:30 am [Everyday]
Dhaka leave03.00 pm [Everyday]

MV Nizam Shipping Lines, said passengers would be transported daily on Barisal, Hijla and Dhaka routes. Adventurer-6 will leave Barisal at 8:30 am and from Hijla at 10 am for Dhaka. The train will leave Dhaka for Hijla and Barisal at 3:30 pm.

Adventure 6 Ticket Price

ClassTicket price
Economy Class700 Taka
Business Class1000 Taka
Single Cabin1500 Taka
Double Cabin2500 Taka
Family Cabin3000 Taka

That passenger service has been given utmost importance in Adventurer-6. Here the price of the cabin is determined by the affordability of everyone. Family cabin only 3 thousand rupees. Besides, economy and business classes have been done. Adventure 6 Ticket Price

In economy class Dhaka-Barisal fare is Tk. 700 per person. The fare from Dhaka to Hijla is 600 taka. Hijla’s fare from Dhaka in business class is 900 taka. The fare for Dhaka-Barisal is 1 thousand taka. Single cabin 1500 taka, double cabin 2500 taka and family cabin 3 thousand taka. Adventure 6 Ticket Price

He added that the MV Adventurer 6 has 30 cabins. And the number of seats is 500. It has modern monitoring system and high capacity engine to prevent any naval accident. Moreover, advanced fire fighting systems have been added. Besides, there are skilled drivers and trained staff in passenger service.

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