HSC Result 2015: All Education Board Result & Mark sheet

HSC Result 2015 published on 09 august 2015. This year, the pass rate for eight general education boards, madrasa boards, and technical education boards have decreased compared to last year.

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid handed over a copy of the results of the HSC and equivalent examinations of the Prime Minister to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Ganobhaban this morning.

The HSC and equivalent written examination ended on 11 June, beginning on April 1.


HSC Result 2015: Pass- 69.60%, GPA5- 42,894

The average pass rate for the candidates in this year’s HSC and 10 boards is 69.60 percent. Last year, it was 78.33 percent. As a result, the average pass rate has decreased to 8.73 percent.

On the other hand, the number of students found on GPA-5 on the board is 42,894. Last year, GPA-5 received 70,610 students. As a result, the number of GPA-5 candidates is reduced to 27 thousand 708.

HSC Result 2015: All Education Board

This year, under the eight general education board, madrasas and technical education boards, 10 lakh 61 thousand 614 students took part in the HSC and equivalent examination.

Of this, 7 lakh 38 thousand 872 people have passed. Under the eight general education boards, the average pass rate for the HSC exams is 65.84 percent. Last time, the rate was 75.74 percent.

Here you get All Education Board HSC Result 2015 details.

BoardExaminerPass (%)GPA5

Dhaka Education Board HSC Result 2015

Not Passed87,061
% of Pass68.24
GPA 518,984
% of GPA 510.15
GPA 454,180
GPA 374,570
GPA 236,089
GPA 13,263

Chittagong Education Board

Not Passed29,382
% of Pass63.59
GPA 52,143
% of GPA 54.18
GPA 48,990
GPA 316,222
GPA 219,013
GPA 14,957

Barisal Education Board

Not Passed16,686
% of Pass70.11
GPA 51,327
% of GPA 53.39
GPA 49,347
GPA 318,087
GPA 29,771
GPA 1604

Comilla Education Board

Not Passed40,268
% of Pass59.77
GPA 51,458
% of GPA 52.44
GPA 410,903
GPA 326,111
GPA 219,034
GPA 12,314

Dinajpur Education Board

Not Passed26,611
% of Pass70.21
GPA 52,407
% of GPA 53.84
GPA 411,370
GPA 326,806
GPA 219,558
GPA 12,568

Jessore Education Board

Not Passed61,046
% of Pass46.58
GPA 51,944
% of GPA 53.65
GPA 413,011
GPA 324,801
GPA 212,570
GPA 1907

Rajshahi Education Board

Not Passed24,310
% of Pass77
GPA 55,253
% of GPA 56.46
GPA 419,345
GPA 333,989
GPA 220,653
GPA 12,138

Sylhet Education Board

Not Passed14,656
% of Pass74.6
GPA 51,361
% of GPA 53.16
GPA 46,893
GPA 317,601
GPA 215,260
GPA 11,931

Madrasah Education Board

Not Passed8,405
% of Pass90.2
GPA 51,435
% of GPA 51.93
GPA 421,135
GPA 337,864
GPA 212,726
GPA 1993

How to get HSC Result

In addition to the colleges, candidates can get HSC and equivalent results from cellular excavation (SMS) and website.

Mobile SMS

  • Go to mobile SMS option
  • Write HSC <space>
  • Board first three letters (Ex: DHA) <space>
  • Roll No <space>
  • 2015
  • Send to 16222

Visit the www.educationboard.gov.bd website to get results online.

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