Bangladesh Railway Contact Number All Officer & Station Manager

You will get here the Bangladesh Railway Contact Number All Officer & Manager. Bangladesh Railway is the Government Rail Transport Company of Bangladesh. Its headquarters are located in Dhaka.

Here is your Bangladesh Railway Officer & Manager Contact Number by the table. Use the T&T area code before the phone number.

Bangladesh Railway Contact Number

Name Designation Contact
MD. SHAMSUZZAMAN Director General 9561200
NASIR UDDIN AHMED General Manager, Chattogram 843200
Mihir Kanti Guaha General Manager, Rajshahi 761576
MD. ABUL KALAM Addl. Director General ( Infra) 9562051
SYED FARUK AHMED Addl. Director General (RS) 9563450
MD. MIAH JAHAN Addl. Director General (OP ) 9562030
GOLAM AMBIA Addl. Director General (M &CP) 9563539
MD. GOLAM MOSTAFA Addl. Director General (Finance) 9562047
SARDER SHAHADAT ALI Addl General Manager, Chattogram 843176
Ajoy Kumar Podder (A.C.) Addl. General Manager, Rajshahi 761837
  Chief Medical Officer, Chattogram 843165
S.A.M. IMTIAZ BABUL Chief Medical Officer, Rajshahi 776379
RASHIDA SULTANA GHANI Joint Director General (Operation) 9560002
MD. AFJAL HOSSAIN Joint Director General (Engineering ) 9568975
MD. MONJUR-UL-ALAM CHOWDHURY Joint Director General (Mechanical) 9562073
MD. MASIH-UL-HASAN Joint Director General (Finance) 9563535
Md. Shubaktogin Chief Engineer, Chattogram 843162
AL FATTAH MD. MASUDUR RAHMAN Chief Engineer, Rajshahi 761984
MD. MIZANUR RAHMAN Chief Mechanical Engineer, Chattogram 843154
MRINAL KANTI BANIK Chief Mechanical Engineer, Rajshahi 761948
MD. JAHANGIR HOSSAIN Chief Planning Officer 9563441
MD. ANOWAR HOSSAIN Rector, Railway Training Academy & Director Training, Chattogram 720910
A K M ABDULLAH AL BAKI Chief Signal & Telecommunication Engineer, Telecom 9562365
RUHUL QUADER AZAD Chief Controller of Stores, Chattogram 2863133
S M Murad Hossain Managing Director, Karmachari Kallyan Trust 7110881
A.M.M. SHAHNEWAJ Chief Operating Superintendent, Chattogram 2863190
Mohammad Nazmul Islam Chief Commercial Manager, Chattogram 2863191
ASIM KUMER TALUKDER Chief Signal & Telecommunication Engineer, Chattogram 843221
KAMRUN NAHAR Financial Advisor & Chief Accounts Officer, Chattogram 843161
PRODIP KUMER SHAHA Chief Electrical Engineer (East) 843197
KAZI MOHAMMAD SALIM Chief Personnel Officer (East) 843178
ISHRAT REZA Chief Estate Officer, Chattogram 843145
MD. IQBAL HOSSAIN Chief Commandant, RNB, Chattogram 843170
FARID AHMED Controller of Stores, Chattogram 843135
KAZI MOHAMMED OMAR FARUK Divisional Superintendent (Workshop), Chattogram 2566253
Sadekur Rahman Divisional Railway Manager, Chattogram 843182
A AM SALAH UDDIN Divisional Railway Manager, Dhaka 9330522
MD. SHAHIDUL ISLAM Chief Operating Superintendent, Rajshahi 761372
  Chief Commercial Manager, Rajshahi 761091
SUSHIL KUMER HALDER Chief Signal & Telecommunication Engineer, Rajshahi 761447
Mohammed Mahamud Hossain Financial Advisor & Chief Accounts Officer, Rajshahi 761731
AJOY KUMAR PODDER Chief Electrical Engineer, Rajshahi 761665
MD. SHAHIDUL ISLAM Chief Personnel Officer, Rajshahi 760594
Md. Rezaul Karim Chief Estate Officer, Rajshahi 760582
MD. BELAL HOSSAIN SARKER Controller of Stores, Rajshahi 761955
MD. FATTAH BHUIYAN Chief Commandant, RNB, Rajshahi 860781
MD. ASADUL HAQUE Divisional Railway Manager, Paksey 63496
TAPOS KUMAR DAS Divisional Railway Manager, Lalmonirhat 61353
MD. JOIDUL ISLAM Divisional Superintendent (Workshop), Saidpur 2136
MOHAMMED KUDRAT-E-KHUDA Chief Executive, Central Locomotive Workshop, Parbatipur 74218
  Divisional Transportation Officer, Chittagong 01711691549
  Assistant Transportation Officer, Chittagong 01711692819
  Area Operating Manager, Port 01711691630
  Station Manager, Chittagong 01711691550
  Divisional Transportation Officer, Paksey 01711691593
  Assistant Transportation Officer, Paksey 01711692944
  Area Operating Manager, Khulna 01711691639
  Divisional Traffic Superintendent, Lalmonirhat 01711691650
  Assistant Traffic Superintendent/Lalmonirhat 01711692901
  Assistant Director /Operation, Dhaka 01711691520
  Chief Train Controller, Dhaka 01711691564
  Chief Train Controller/CRB, Chittagong 01711691534
  Chief Train Controller, Pahartali 01711691551
  Chief Train Controller, Rajshahi 01711691620
  Chief Train Controller, Lalmonirhat 01711691604
  Chief Train Controller, Paksey 01711691629
  Station Manager, Dhaka 01711691612
  Station Manager, Sylhet 01711691656
  Station Superintendent, Rajshahi 01711622728
  Divisional Commercial Officer, Dhaka 01711691643
  Divisional Commercial Officer, Chittagong 01711691626
  Divisional Commercial Officer, Paksey 01711691655
  Divisional Traffic Superintendent, Lalmonirhat 01711691650
  Area Operating Manager, Parbatipur 01711692900
  Assistant Traffic Superintendent, Lalmonirhat 01711692901
  Divisional Railway Manager, Dhaka 01711506137
  Divisional Railway Manager, Chittagong 01711506138
  Divisional Railway Manager, Paksey 01711506130
  Divisional Railway Manager, Lalmonirhat 01711506136
  Area Operating Manager /ICD/Dhaka 01711691628
  SP, Chittagong Railway 01713374452
  ASP, Chittagong Railway 01713374453
  ASP, Dhaka Railway Zone 01713374454
  ASP (HQ), Chittagong Railway 01750078690
  IRP, Chittagong Railway 01750078694
  IRP, Akhaura Railway 01750078695
  IRP, Mymensingh Railway 01750078696
  DIO-1, RSB, Chittagong Railway 01750078691
  RI, Police line, Chittagong Railway 01750078692
  RO-1, Police lines, Chittagong Railway 01750078709
  OC, Dhaka Railway Thana 01750078697
  OC, Chittagong Railway Thana 01750078698
  OC, Laksam Railway Thana 01750078699
  OC, Chandpur Railway Thana 01750078700
  OC, Akhaura Railway Thana 01750078701
  OC, Bhairab, Railway Thana 01750078702
  OC, Sylhet Railway Thana 01750078703
  OC, Srimangal Railway Thana 01750078704
  OC, Kulaura Railway Thana 01750078705
  OC, Mymensingh Railway Thana 01750078706
  OC, Jamalpur Railway Thana 01750078707
  OC, Kisorgong Railway Thana 01750078708
  OC, Moitree expresse Train 01769936600
  Incharge, Sholoshore Fari 01769936550
  Incharge, Foujdarhat Fari 01769936551
  Incharge, Sitakundo Fari 01769936552
  Incharge, Feni Fari 01769936553
  Incharge, Choumohuni Fari 01769936554
  Incharge, Comilla Fari 01769936555
  Incharge, Brahmanbaria Fari 01769936556
  Incharge, Shaestagonj Fari 01769936557
  Incharge, Narsindhi Fari 01769936558
  Incharge, Goforgaon Fari 01769936559
  Incharge, Gouripur Fari 01769936560
  Incharge, Mohangonj Fari 01769936561
  Incharge, Sharisabari Fari 01769936562
  Incharge, Dewangonj Fari 01769936563
  Incharge, Tongi Fari 01769936564
  Incharge, Dhaka Airport Fari 01769936565
  Incharge, Narayngonj Fari 01769936566
  Railway Police Control Room 01711692997
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