World hunger index 2021: Bangladesh took 13 steps

Bangladesh has further advanced in the survey of world hunger index 2021. That is the position of the country in the world hunger index.

The index says, Bangladesh is 13 steps ahead of last year. However, according to the score of the index, the level of hunger in Bangladesh is at a ‘severe level’.

Concern World Wide and Wealth Hunger Hilfe jointly published the report. According to the Global Hunger Index (GHI) website, Bangladesh ranks 85th out of 108 countries in the 2020 World Hunger Index.

Last year, Bangladesh was ranked 88th out of 117 countries in the same index. However, Bangladesh was a little behind that year. In 2018, Bangladesh was 86th in this index.

According to GHI, Bangladesh is ahead of India and Pakistan in South Asia in terms of hunger. In this index, India is ranked 94th and Pakistan is ranked 88th.

Last year too, Bangladesh was ahead of India and Pakistan. In last year’s index, India was ranked 102nd and Pakistan 94th.

Out of the total scores of 100 in the index, this year’s score of Bangladesh is 20.4. In 2000, Bangladesh’s score in this index was 34.1.

In other words, in the last 20 years, Bangladesh has made a lot of progress at the national level in curbing hunger.

If the world hunger index is zero, it should be understood that there is no hunger in that region. And if you get 100 on this index, it will mean the highest level of hunger.

World hunger index

World Hunger Index 2021 : Bangladesh Took 13 Steps

Agriculture Minister Abdur Razzak said, “We have succeeded in ensuring food for all. Now I am working for the food to be nutritious. The government has taken all kinds of initiatives to increase the production of nutritious food.”

Global, regional and national levels of hunger are determined by the Global Hunger Index.

The level of hunger is determined by calculating the level of malnutrition, low weight according to the height of children under five years, low height according to the age of children under five years and infant mortality rate.

These indicators are used to determine the level of hunger at any level, global, regional or national.

According to this year’s report of the World Hunger Index, the score of 17 countries is less than 5. In other words, the level of hunger is the lowest in these countries.

These countries include Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Estonia, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and Uruguay.

According to the index, the world has the highest levels of hunger and malnutrition in the South Sahara and South Asia. In addition, the level of hunger in three countries of the world is at an alarming level. These are Chad, East Timor and Madagascar.

The index temporarily states that hunger levels are going to be alarming in eight more countries. The countries are Burundi, Central African Republic, Comoros, Congo, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen.

However, the report said, the various effects of the Kovid-19 epidemic were not taken into account in this year’s index.

Outbreaks of coronavirus (Covid-19) have been linked to worsening hunger and malnutrition in many parts of the world.

World Hunger Index : Bangladesh is ahead of India and Pakistan

According to the index, Bangladesh’s neighbor India ranks 101st, with a score of 26.5. In 2020, India was ranked 94th.

Pakistan is in the 92nd position in this year’s index, score 24.7. Last year, Pakistan was ranked 88th.

Nepal, another neighbor of Bangladesh, ranks 76th in the 2021 index, with a score of 19.1. In other words, Bangladesh and Nepal are in the same position in this index.

Myanmar, another neighbor of Bangladesh, is ranked 71st in this year’s index with a score of 17.5.

Bangladesh is ahead of India and Pakistan in the World Hunger Index 2021. Nepal and Bangladesh are in the same position in the index. However, Bangladesh lags behind neighboring Myanmar in terms of both index and score.

In the last 9 years, Bangladesh has made a lot of progress at the national level in curbing hunger. According to the score obtained in this year’s index, the level of hunger in Bangladesh is at a tolerable level.

If someone’s score is zero in the world hunger index, it should be understood that there is no hunger. And having a score of 100 means that the level of hunger is highest there.