‘Vaccine Champion’ Super Star Shakib Khan

UNICEF Bangladesh has declared popular film actor and producer Shakib Khan as ‘Vaccine Champion’.

The company shared a still image of Shakib Khan on their Facebook page and wrote, Shakib Khan is the most popular actor in Bangladesh and a respected producer.

He has one more identity, he is a responsible citizen in the true sense.

He has secured himself and his community with the coronavirus vaccine at the right time.

He also calls on you to become UNICEF’s Vaccine Champion this World Immunization Week; Make sure you and your child are vaccinated at the right time.

World Immunization Week is being celebrated with the theme ‘Bring vaccines to us’. Today is the last day of the vaccination week which started on April 24.

Shakib Khan was vaccinated on the last day of giving the first dose of Corona vaccine.

Although he wanted to get vaccinated a long time ago, it was too late to take the first dose of vaccine as he was busy shooting in Pabna outside Dhaka.

In Pabna, he was busy shooting for the film ‘Antaratma’. The lockdown started in the country as soon as the shooting was over.

‘Vaccine Champion’ Super Star Shakib Khan

After returning to Dhaka by road, he went directly to the hospital and got vaccinated against corona.

Shakib Khan said, “Vaccines have saved me, my loved ones and my country from deadly diseases like polio, measles and tuberculosis.

I got vaccinated against coronavirus to keep my relatives safe. Make sure you and your child are vaccinated this vaccination week and join UNICEF to reach out to all people. So that the whole world can be safe.’

Earlier, as the vaccine champion, the company has posted on its Facebook page about Bidya Sinha Mim, Mehjabin Chowdhury, Toya, Safa Kabir, Sabila Noor, Nabila and several other stars. Arifin Shuvo‘s name is also seen in this list.

Shakib Khan has recently shot the movie ‘Antaratma’. The director of this film is Wazed Ali.

Darshana Banik, an actor from Kolkata, India, is starring opposite Shakib Khan.

Now he is getting ready for the movie ‘Leader: I am Bangladesh’ directed by Tapu Khan.

Shooting of this photo will start as soon as the lockdown situation relaxes. Actress Bubbly will be seen on screen again through the film.