Uber Bangladesh Started ‘Safety Toolkit’

Uber Bangladesh, App’s Based Transport has launched a safety feature ‘Safety Toolkit’ in their app in Bangladesh from Today (28 October 2018). An Uber’s notification said that through this option the passengers will get all the security features of Uber to a specific location of the app.

The toolkit has been designed in such a way that the passengers of Bangladesh can easily use Uber’s security features.

Uber Bangladesh Managing Director Sachin Kansal said, “Safety Toolkit” has been launched keeping in mind the safety and security of passengers and drivers. It’s part of the awareness.

The platform has been updated to make everyone aware of safety features. One of the key features of the Toolkit is ‘Trusted Contacts’. With the help of the feature, the passengers will automatically be able to keep a trusted member about their trip.

Uber said it has added new features to their App Safety Center, Emergency Button, Real-Time ID Check, Emergency Button, Shares Status Option, Two Way Ratings for both the Driver and Passenger.

Recently, Brazil has announced to set up a technology development center in Brazil to give more importance to the security issue. Here, 150 experts will work with different features of Uber.

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Uber Bangladesh Started 'Safety Toolkit' 3

Uber Bangladesh : How to Use

To use Uber, you must have a smartphone and an internet connection. Then Android users can download the application from the address. Apple’s iOS users can download the application from this address.

Then there will be an option to log in via mobile number or social media. If you have a Facebook or Gmail login on your phone, you can create an account with these IDs.

Uber ID is open with your Gmail. In that case, click on ‘connect with social’. Gmail needs to be selected. Then log in to the new account with information from the neglected account.

A phone number to create a new account Then there will be a code in the phone. After giving the code, you will need to open ID again with the new mail ID and password.

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