The world’s first flying car, launched on sale in October

The world’s first flying car, launched on sale in October, Finally. The two-passenger-carrying hybrid-electric car can be used to change the speed.

That means that when the car is on the road, it will start flying on the switch. This will take less than two minutes. The car capable of moving from the plane to the height of 10,000 feet is coming in the market, the company said.

China’s construction company ‘Terrafugia‘ will start selling the world’s first flying vehicle in October.

The company’s statement last Tuesday (September 25, 2012), China’s state news agency ‘Xinhua’

According to Chris Jaran, the US-based chief executive officer of the company, the first model of this hybrid vehicle has been developed with the help of the Chinese Gili Auto Group.

According to Gilly, the need for the runway to take and carry off this car with two carrying capacity will be needed. The car will take just one minute to start with the switch and fly. In the first phase, it will be restricted to US users only. The cost and cost of the car are not yet determined.

According to the organization, the ‘flying car’ is difficult to turn into public transport for more maintenance costs. Various businesses, government, and transport companies will be able to use this vehicle in Terafuja instead of small planes.

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The world's first flying car, launched on sale in October 3

The world’s first flying car, Everyone says what

Professor Jong Yangon of the Department of Automobile Engineering of Xinhua University said that the flying carrier will play an effective role in solving traffic problems. It will definitely have a big impact on society, economy, security, and environment.

Jaran said, the next vehicle of TERFUJIA ‘TF-2’ will be brought on the market in October. This car is considered to be able to take a take-off and land vertically. It is also expected that the car will drop out of the market in 2023.

It is to be noted that the headquarters of the biggest private auto manufacturing company in China, Gili, is located in the east of Hangzhou city of the country. In 2017, Gilly bought all the activities and properties of ‘Terrafugia’.