Top 4K HDR TVs For A Superior Viewing Experience

The Top 4K HDR TV For A Superior Viewing Experience. Our team of specialists analyzes 4K televisions year-round. Based on our evaluations and testing, we’ve compiled this list of the top products priced between $1000 and $2000. Here is where HDR televisions can shine.

We understand how difficult it can be to find a good television, so we’ve also focused on factors that matter when selecting a television, such as how smart it is, how well it connects, how easy it is to use, and how well its sound system works, which is especially important if you must pay more for an external system.

The crew has spent much time with each television over a lengthy period, both in real life and in testing, to determine how well they perform in certain areas, such as brightness and input latency.

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Panasonic TX-55JZ2000 | 4K HDR TV


  • Delicious and enticing phrases include Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, and so forth.
  • Adaptive support 360 degrees Soundscape Pro audio system HDMI inputs for 4K/120fps


  • A costly Sound system may not be required for AV enthusiasts.

In terms of true 4K HDR performance, the Panasonic JZ2000 OLED is among the finest. And now that the LZ2000 is available, the 2021 flagship model can be purchased for less than £2000. The JZ2000 is compatible with all HDR formats, so if you watch a variety of HDR material, it will provide a peak brightness comparable to that of the Philips 65OLED+936 and superior to that of the LG Evo OLED G1.

During testing, we determined that the JZ2000’s image quality was the best among 2021 OLEDs in its category. This is because the HCX Pro AI processor displays a great deal of delicacy and detail. This is the closest you can see how a film appears in a mastering suite.

It is remarkable how tiny the Panasonic JZ2000 is, considering its many speakers. The screen rests on a beautiful circular pedestal base with a swivel function that allows you to adjust the viewing angle. 360° Soundscape Pro, the upgraded version of its Dolby Atmos sound system, also performs well.

When watching movies on the television, the sound was more substantial, thorough, and engaging than any 55-inch television we tested. Freeview Play guarantees that most people can catch up on television, while the arrival of Disney+ and Apple TV+ increases the number of video streaming applications.

Sony XR-55A90J | 4K HDR TV


  • Superb image quality
  • The new operating system and remote are fantastic.
  • Some HDMI 2.1 support


  • Some HDMI 2.1 gaps
  • Quite costly

Sony’s Bravia XR Cognitive TV is the A90J. The processor is designed to function similarly to the human brain, enhancing color, contrast, and detail for a more realistic image. It is not as small as the LG G1, but the stand can be configured in several ways, providing you with additional placement possibilities. ALLM and VRR support became optional in March 2022. However, the LG C1 and Panasonic JZ1000 remain superior for gaming.

We preferred the Google TV interface to other Android interfaces, such as the one on the Sony A8. If you have a fast sufficient Internet connection, Sony’s Bravia Core movie streaming service offers IMAX-enhanced selections in addition to a wealth of high-quality movies and streams.

Then, our reviewer discovered that Sony could produce breathtaking images when presented with high-quality material. Sony’s color palette was broad, subdued, and captivating. The Sony performs at its peak when it can capture laser-sharp moving pictures.

We appreciated that the A90J leverages the company’s “Acoustic Surface Audio+” technology. It is more subtle and direct than most flatscreens, although the Philips 65OLED+936 has superior bass performance. We suggest this model if you want the highest image quality from Sony despite its higher price.



  • Superb performance in athletic contests
  • Exceptional contrast, gorgeous HDR Smarts, and an extensive selection of connectors.


  • Weak noise
  • Not the greatest motion stability
  • Possibility of image preservation or etching

The 2021 C1 is still available if you want a fantastic LG OLED without spending much money. It performs well and is less expensive than the 2022 C2. We felt that the image quality was exceptional. It featured a high resolution and contrast level, which gave 4K HDR video an impression of enormous depth.

It seems that the skin tones are realistic, and the colors are lively and bright. Regardless of your view on this OLED, the 4K HDR images will be vibrant and captivating. This is one of the greatest televisions for gamers because of its many features, including 4K/120Hz, ALLM, VRR compatibility, and complete HDMI 2.1 support for all inputs.

We measured input latency to be 12.5 milliseconds, which is quick and will decrease more when refresh rates increase, and game boost is used. This phone was the first to use the latest version of WebOS, which eliminated the bar at the bottom of the screen that lets you launch applications (though you can still call it up).

The purpose is to make it simpler to locate the material; nonetheless, the new menu is not as user-friendly as the previous one. With this set, the main menu is much enhanced, and users no longer need to go through many menus to make a change.

The only thing that hinders the 65C1’s performance is its speakers. The sound quality is not exceptional, and the bottom frequencies lack impact. This may cause certain stronger sounds to seem timid. We believe you should consider purchasing a sound system for this television.

Samsung QE65QN94A | 4K HDR TV


  • 4K HDR performance that is luminous
  • Rapid gaming performance Superb construction quality
  • Excellent collection of applications


  • The optimal price
  • There is no Dolby Vision/Atmos decoding
  • That is not the strongest argument.

The Samsung QE65QN94A features an excellent 4K viewing experience and a Mini LED backlight that produces a vivid, vibrant image. This model’s visual quality is among the greatest we’ve seen on an LCD television. The amount of dimming zones enables accurate illumination of HDR material, and the black levels are comparable to those of OLED television, resulting in excellent contrast.

The colors are strong, expressive, and have a wide variety of tones since they are vivid. It may be utilized in both dim and bright environments. Observe a few tiny instances of flowering. We also believed the QN94A was an excellent gaming device due to its reduced input latency. We measured 9.4ms, less than the current Samsung QN95B model.

This figure may grow with the addition of VRR, making gaming even quicker. The QN94A supports both AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and HDMI VRR. However, these functionalities are limited to a single HDMI connector, so you cannot connect several consoles or computers to this TV.

We enjoyed how powerful and expansive the sound was. The OTS+ audio technology, which tracks sounds as they travel across the screen, makes this feasible. Here, the language is likewise intelligible, although it may sometimes appear lifeless and flat, and the lower end of the frequency spectrum causes it to lack depth and duration. In contrast to the QN95B, Dolby Atmos has no support.