Top 3 Most Amazing Ultra-High-Definition 8K Televisions

The Top 3 Most Amazing Ultra-High-Definition 8K Televisions. It might be difficult to determine which 8K television to purchase due to the high price, particularly because this television will endure for years. Our team of specialists examines several 8K televisions each year, and we’ve compiled this list based on their findings. If you desire an 8K television, they contain advanced and novel features.

Due to this, we ensured that we focused on the essentials, such as their capacity to upscale, image quality, design, intelligence, and more. To ensure the accuracy of our testing, we used each television for an extended length of time, utilizing benchmark tests and our keen eyes as guides.

Additionally, we evaluated the functionality of their various features. We will update this page as more 8K televisions pass via our testing labs. If you’re not interested in an 8K television, check out our list of the finest 4K televisions. If you want a cheaper television, our list of the greatest inexpensive televisions is where you should search.

Samsung QE75QN900A | Ultra-High-Definition


  • Superb HDR picture quality
  • Outstanding features and gaming performance Exceptional design


  • Difficulty with the bank balance
  • Native 8K material is hard to find.
  • Using force to dim small, brilliant things

The QE75QN900A, which will be Samsung’s greatest 8K television released in 2021, is a top-tier 8K television and one of our favorites. It boasts a Mini LED backlit screen brighter than almost every other TV we’ve tested, with a peak HDR light output of over 4000 nits in several tests.

Even though the QE75QN900A is an LCD panel, its contrast is comparable to that of an OLED screen due to its more than 2000 dimming zones. This provides a broad spectrum of rich, vibrant hues and deep blacks. There is a distinct contrast between 4K and native 8K material, resulting in a more three-dimensional image created by the 8K resolution.

The upscaling on Samsung’s flagship 8K television is amazing. Compared to the 950TS, the previous top-of-the-line model highlights even more clarity, sharpness, and depth. The QN900A is also a great gaming device. It has more features than the LG QNED99 and supports 4K/120Hz, HDMI 2.1, VRR, and ALLM, which enables games to run smoothly and reduces input latency to insufficient levels.

The QE75QN900A, Samsung’s flagship 8K television, offers excellent speakers with a soundscape that extends beyond the television’s frame. Additionally, the conversation was audible, but the loudness was not excessive, nor was the bass particularly deep or strong. However, this may be remedied by adding more soundbars or speakers.

Samsung QE65QN900A | Ultra-High-Definition


  • Irrepressible visual quality
  • Intelligent, well-considered features
  • Rapid reaction in video games Superb scaling of lower-quality inputs
  • Premium construction


  • Speakers are pricey and susceptible to bass distortion.
  • Not available in Dolby Vision.

The Samsung QE65QN900A is the brand’s entry-level 65-inch 8K television, yet it offers the same features as its 75-inch flagship model. Its upscaling is particularly impressive, with images that are more detailed and crisp than any native 4K television.

In addition to the great upscaling, the display boasts exceptional contrast with deep blacks comparable to OLEDs and low backlight bleed or blooming, which occurs when brighter portions of the picture “leak” into darker areas. Due to the Mini LED backlight, the illumination here is very uplifting.

We measured around 2000 nits, contributing to the colors’ accuracy and variety. The only serious issue with the QE65QN900A is how it handles motion. When Auto Motion Plus is used, the video stutters and seems to have been processed; however, processing may be disabled if desired.

Due to the Mini LED backlight, the QN900A has a frame of just 15.2mm. Samsung’s Infinity Screen, which allows pictures to cover the whole display, eliminates the need for a bezel. The Tizen operating system is intuitive and familiar. It features a variety of streaming applications, including Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and NOW.

We do not have Freeview Play, but the free Samsung TV Plus. Gamers will like the QN900A’s four HDMI 2.1 connectors, which offer 4K/120Hz for better, quicker gaming with compatible games. We noticed a fairly quick input latency of 10.1 milliseconds. With VRR enabled, the input latency on this television may approach “0”.

LG 75QNED99 | Ultra-High-Definition


  • Often good picture quality.
  • The dark levels of IPS are revolutionary.
  • The sound is pleasant.


  • Some backlighting issues in the darkest settings.
  • There is no support for VRR. More costly than 4K televisions.

The LG 75QNED99 is the most costly 8K television manufactured by the South Korean firm LG. It boasts an OLED-like experience due to its Mini LED backlight, which provides a high contrast ratio. In addition, LG’s NanoCell color technology produces pictures with vivid hues.

The Mini LED panel makes the screen brighter, although not as brilliant as the Samsung designs on our list, as it measured just short of 1200 nits according to our measurements. That is still brighter than the brightest OLED televisions, allowing you to perceive vibrant colors. The 8K resolution reveals a tremendous deal of sufficient information in photographs. The upscaling is excellent since the shots seem natural and have no additional noise or pixelation.

This television also displays motion well. The new Cinematic Motion setting eliminates the worst types of panel judder and motion blur without over-processing the image. The UI has been enhanced with webOS to simplify, and the new content search function is very handy.

The latest version of the Magic Remote is simple to use. The Samsung QN900A is a better option than the 75QNED99 for gamers. Even though HDMI 2.1 is enabled, no VRR settings are available. This is odd, given that LG televisions often have several gaming options.