The Five Most Popular Museums In The World

The museum almost everyone has the idea. But, what are the most popular museums in the world? The survey of the theme index and museum index of the year 2017, said the world’s top museum, the Louvre Museum, Go along with this museum, do not see the five most popular museums in the world-

Popular museums : Louvre Museum

The world’s largest museum is the world’s largest museum. It has 380,000 artworks. This museum in France cannot be finished once in Paris. It is said, if you go 100 times, all of the Louvre Museum cannot be finished.

Popular museums: National Museum of China

The most popular museum in the world in 2016 was the National Museum of China. But in 2017, it lost its place to Luwer. This museum is located in Beijing, China. Earlier it had long lines of entry. But now it is not seen because of modern management.


Popular museums : National Air and Space Museum

The location of this museum in Washington, DC The National Air and Space Museum was established in 1946. Here is where the Wright brothers successfully managed the first flight in 1903 with the plane. At present, seven years of renovation work is going on.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

One of the world’s finest museums is The Metropolitan Museum of Art located in New York, USA. There is 5 thousand years old art.

Vatican Museum

This museum is located in Vatican City. Over the centuries, Pope has preserved various cultural elements in it. It can be found in the best art form of painting, scalp, and art.

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