ICC says, Test Championship Final on time

The ICC is not worried about the final of the World Test Championship, despite the coroner’s pressure. The final between India and New Zealand is scheduled to start on June 18 in Southampton. The fear was created after the host England finalist India was red-listed.

In the second wave of corona, the situation in India has become dire. About three lakh infections are taking place every day. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson canceled his visit to India on Monday due to Corona’s seizure.

It was reported on that day that entry to Britain was currently closed for Indians. India has been red-listed. This rule will be effective from April 24. So there are fears about Virat Kohli going to England. However, the ICC is not willing to think about it now.

Because the final of the Test Championship is next June, there is still more than a month and a half left.

Test Championship Final On Time: ICC

An ICC official said: “We are talking to the British government about the rules for the red-listed countries. The ECB (England and Welsh Cricket Board) and other countries are meeting to discuss how to take international cricket forward in this difficult time in Corona.

We are confident that the final of the Test Championship will be held in Britain next June.

However, the Indian Cricket Board has not been able to comment on the matter. A BCCI official told PTI that it is difficult to say anything at the moment. Their hope is that India may not be on the red list by early June.

However, they will request the British government to give the cricket team a chance to participate in the final with a ten-day strict quintile. The British media, however, say that the government will give special consideration to the issue of the final.