Steve Smith when successful home businessman

What career will Steve Smith take after retiring from cricket? No matter what profession you are in, it is safe to say that you are not a real estate agent.

In this case, Smith’s ‘record’ is quite good. The latest addition to Smith’s list of assets is another luxury home, the potential selling price of which will not be less than Smith’s profit!

The house in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs was bought by Smith and his wife, Danny Willis, in mid-2020 for 6.6 million.

Although they initially lived there for a few days, they renovated the house with four bedrooms and six bathrooms and then changed their appearance.

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Steve Smith when successful home businessman 3

According to a report by, the sea-facing home has internal security with breakfast bar, home theater, heated swimming pool, fireplace, and automatic floor heating control. The house is expected to attract foreign buyers in particular.

Naturally, it is better to spend to buy the house. It will be put up for auction on June 21, which is expected to cost more than 12 million.

As a result, the Smiths will be able to sell the house at almost double the purchase price. However, they had to spend about 5 lakh 63 thousand dollars in its renovation work.

However, even if it is excluded, the profit will not be less, it can be said.

That’s what Smith did well in cricket. One of the best batsmen in the world earns about three million dollars a year from cricket.

However, Smith has been involved in the real estate business for some time. He does this business together with his wife who has passed the law.

Steve Smith and his wife Dani Willis enjoy their weekend in Sydney.
Steve Smith and his wife Dani Willis enjoy their weekend in Sydney.

Steve Smith when successful home businessman

33 years old Smith already proved himself successful in the business. He has such luxurious houses in several places. In 2015, Bamein bought a house in a place called East for two million dollars.

It is rented for 2,200 dollar a week. The former Australia captain bought another house in the same area in 2016 for 1.41 million. It is rented for 1,600 a week.