Sreelekha Mitra in the trap of cyber crime!

Yes! Sreelekha Mitra in the trap of cyber crime. In the age of WhatsApp, Messenger, our whole life is almost digitally turbulent. Even if you can’t find a friend by raising your hand, there is Google.

In other words, Google is the guide of our present life. But this Google sphere puzzle goes from Facebook account hacking to bank detail hacking. There is no end to fake identities.

Shiladitya Moulik is bringing the story of cream from the chromosome of cyber crime from that place. Director Shiladitya Moulik‘s 2019 film ‘Sweater’ only took place in the minds of the viewers with its pure good story.

Then Shiladitya Moulik’s short film ‘Varam’ got more than 60 million views on YouTube. And this time Shiladitya is bringing the original 30 minute Bengali suspense thriller short film ‘The Inside Job’.

This big film on cyber crime will be released soon. Which will be released on the OTT platform of ‘Big Bang Amusement’. Shiladitya Moulik’s ‘The Inside Job’ is the first presentation of ‘Big Bang Amusement’.

Sreelekha Mitra in the trap of cyber crime!

The film is produced by Aritra Das, Sarbani Mukherjee and Divyendu Pal. The film stars Srilekha Mitra, Saheb Chattopadhyay, Priyanka Bhattacharya and Rajdeep Sarkar in the lead roles.

Saheb Chatterjee and Sreelekha Mitra are going to work together in this film after a long time.

Remo, Shuvronil and others are going to be seen in other important characters. In the film, Sreelekha Mitra can be seen falling into the trap of cyber crime.

Until now, Shiladitya was basically known as the director of romantic sweet films. But through this film he has worked with the first cyber crime and such a complex plot.

The film also has some scenes of action and mind games. No matter how complex the plot is, the screenplay should be colorful and simply international.

So in making this picture, the producers are interested in expanding the artistic boundaries.

Jit Majumder writes the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film. Sauvik Basu is in charge of the camera, Soumya Ritu is in charge of the music.