Solar panels in space will give electricity to the world?

Solar panels placed in space will give electricity to the world? As unbelievable as it may sound, an entrepreneur plans to harvest solar energy through satellites in space and deliver it to Earth through ‘microwave beams’. This plan can be implemented in 2035, said Martin Soltau, co-chairman of the ‘Space Energy Initiative (SEI)’, an association of industry and researchers.

SEI is working on a project named ‘Cassiopeia’. Under this project, the British organization wants to build a network of ‘solar farm’ satellites in space. Satellites will extract solar energy from space; The solar energy will be supplied directly to the earth.

Soltao claims that this technology has unlimited possibilities; “In theory, it could meet the world’s electricity needs in 2050,” he told the BBC.

Solar panels in space will give electricity to the world?

“There is enough space in orbit for solar-powered satellites, and the power supply capacity of the sun is huge. A narrow area (of space) along the equator receives 100 times the solar energy in a year, which is predicted to be the amount of electricity needed by the entire human race by 2050.”

The British government announced a grant of 300 million pounds for space solar energy projects earlier this year after technology consultancy Fraser-Nash gave the green signal after verifying the technology’s viability. SEI hopes to receive a large share of the grant, the BBC reported.

Thousands of small modules will be built on Earth for SEI’s satellites; But the task of attaching the modules to each other in space will be done by automated robots. Those robots will also do satellite repair and maintenance work.