Shakib Khan with new heroine American Courtney Coffee

Shakib Khan has been in the United States for more than three months. This time the time of birthday is also spent there. He appeared with a surprise on this birthday.

On the evening of March 26, local time in New York, Shakib Khan announced the name of the new movie of his production company, also told the news of the new heroine. Produced by SK Films, the film is titled ‘Rajkumar’ and stars Courtney Coffee.

‘Rajkumar’ movie director Himel Ashraf said that, Courtney is associated with acting in the United States. He has acted in a number of short films and feature films in the United States. Short films have been screened at several festivals, and two feature films, Dominos and Pleasant Grove, are awaiting release.

Courtney, 5 feet 4 inches tall, graduated from The Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater in New York. She was born in Hicksville, Long Island, and grew up there. Courtney Coffee said, ‘I’m really grateful she was released and thank those who worked hard for her release, and we’re glad she’s alive.

The movie is going to be a very beautiful story. I am lucky to have the opportunity to work with Shakib Khan. He further said, ‘Everyone will pray for me. I wish I could do better. Thank you.’

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Shakib Khan with new heroine American Courtney Coffee 5

Shakib Khan’s new heroine American Courtney Coffee

On the occasion of Shakib Khan’s birthday on 28th March, the masterpiece of Shakib Khan Films’ new film was held at the World’s Fair Marina in Flushing, Queens, USA. Zakaria Masood and Kazi Riton, two expatriate Bangladeshis, are co-producing the film, which will be produced under the banner of Shakib Khan’s own production company SK Films.

Shakib Khan said that not only Bangladesh, ‘Rajkumar’ will be released in different countries of the world including America, London, Middle East, Canada, India. He is working on this film with such preparation.

Shakib said, “I did not come to America just to get a green card. I came here and worked for a long time. Since this environment is completely new to me, it takes some time to sort everything out.

I have been dreaming for so many days, from now on I started walking in the path of that dream. As long as I have the strength, I will try my best to take Bengali cinema forward. ‘ Director Himel Ashraf said that the shooting of ‘Rajkumar’ will take place in July 2022.

Shakib Khan's new heroine American Courtney Coffee
Shakib Khan with new heroine American Courtney Coffee 6

How is Shakib Khan-s day in New York?

In the second week of November 2021, the popular hero of Bangladesh Shakib Khan boarded a flight from Dhaka to New York. The purpose is to participate in the Channel I Music Awards as a guest and at the same time receive honors.

He was scheduled to return later that month, but was invited to another event in the United States in the first week of December. He was honored there for his contribution to Bangladeshi cinema. On that occasion, Shakib announced that he would shoot a movie of his own production company in the United States. More than two months have passed since then. How is Shakib Khan’s day in the United States?

Shakib Khan said, ‘Regular gym is part of my routine. But the first month and a half after coming to New York was very irregular. I started going to the gym again from the first day of the year. I spend three or four hours in the gym every day. Sounds pretty good. Then I returned home fresh and ate lunch.

If you are in Dhaka, you can do gym at home, whenever you want. That is not possible in New York. Shakib said it takes 15 minutes to drive from home in New York to the gym. Shakib said, he wants to shoot the movie properly according to all the rules. That is why he is taking time. The director initially wanted to start shooting in February.

But the shooting method is not the same in Bangladesh and America. Shakib said, ‘I want to implement the way I dreamed. I will make a beautiful picture, which will make everyone at home and abroad say, hey wow …. ‘

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‘Vaccine Champion’ Super Star Shakib Khan

UNICEF Bangladesh has declared popular film actor and producer Shakib Khan as ‘Vaccine Champion’. The company shared a still image of Shakib Khan on their Facebook page and wrote, Shakib Khan is the most popular actor in Bangladesh and a respected producer.

Shakib has one more identity, he is a responsible citizen in the true sense. He has secured himself and his community with the coronavirus vaccine at the right time. He also calls on you to become UNICEF’s Vaccine Champion this World Immunization Week; Make sure you and your child are vaccinated at the right time.

World Immunization Week is being celebrated with the theme ‘Bring vaccines to us’. Today is the last day of the vaccination week which started on April 24. Shakib Khan was vaccinated on the last day of giving the first dose of Corona vaccine.

Although he wanted to get vaccinated a long time ago, it was too late to take the first dose of vaccine as he was busy shooting in Pabna outside Dhaka. In Pabna, he was busy shooting for the film ‘Antaratma’. The lockdown started in the country as soon as the shooting was over.

After returning to Dhaka by road, he went directly to the hospital and got vaccinated against corona. Shakib Khan said, “Vaccines have saved me, my loved ones and my country from deadly diseases like polio, measles and tuberculosis.

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Superstar Shakib Khans Heroine Nusrat Faria

For the first time, Superstar Shakib Khan is going to work with heroine Nusrat Faria. He is going to be paired with the country’s hero in the movie ‘Shaheen Shah’ produced by Shapla Media. Shapla Media Correspondent Salim Khan said the verbal talk with the two stars has been finalized even though there is no written contract for the new film.

He told that if everything is okay, for the first time, Shakib-Nusrat will be seen for the first time. This film will be directed by Shamim Ahmed Rony. Shapla Media Correspondent Salim Khan also said, “Superstar Shakib Khan and Nusrat Faria will work in the film together for the first time through ‘Shaheen Shah’.

Last Sunday (August 5) Shakib Khan and Nusrat Faria signed in the film. If everything is okay, the announcements will be held on August 27. Then shooting ‘Shaheen Shah’ will start. There will be more surprises in the film. Everyone will know it in announcements.’

Nusrat Faria said, “Shaheen Shah” has been talked about & signed this film. Working with Shakib Khan would be great. It’s sure that I’m returning to acting after a gap of several years. Outside of Jazz, there will be an effort to play regular movies. In the meantime, some movies are being talked about.

It is to be noted that in the year 2015, ‘Ashiqi’, the small screen popular presenter, Nusrat Faria, walked to Dhallywood. Then came Jazz Multimedia Produced ‘Hero 420’, ‘Premi o Premi’, ‘Dattatarki’, King with Jit ‘Boss 2’, ‘Inspector Noti k’, in the film.

Shabnom Bubly was the only heroine of Shakib Khan. This alleged lover of King Khan was the heroine of almost all his native films. Shakib could not perform without Bubly. There was a lot of anger among the fans.

Shakib Khan Says, Jaaz Changing Bengali movie

Dhallywood Superstar Shakib Khan said, ‘Jazz Multimedia is capable of introducing better taste in the field of movie making. They can give a good movie in keeping with the era of viewers. Movies like ‘Poramon-2′ are in this house. They have good taste in making their movies. They are changing Bengali movie.’

Shakib Khan, the creator of Bangla movie, responded similarly to Jazz Multimedia, the country’s largest publicity company. King Khan said after shooting a song item song in FDC on Monday. He also gave a long chat with the present journalists.

During this time Shakib Khan said, “The country’s cinema is being blocked in the daytime. Nobody has any headaches. How many possibilities were our hero and heroine? But in the face of their future uncertainty. The film is not being.

Those who are or they are not able to satisfy the audience. Our construction here is not able to hold the present era. That’s why the audience is not coming. I have also recently worked in some movie that did not satisfy me.

As far as we say, without the technological improvements to make our movie, the goodness of the movie is never possible. Shakib Khan said, “There was no shortage of producers in the country at one time. They used to make movies in the competition. But the producers are now extinct species.

There are several super hit in the year. Still the producers are not coming in the movie. Earlier, there were fewer producers of small scale producers as well. Many people used to come jointly. But now there is no. Producer is the life of the movie. If they lack, then the industry will have a bad situation.’