Shakib Khan says, Jaaz changing Bengali movie

Dhallywood Superstar Shakib Khan said, ‘Jazz Multimedia is capable of introducing better taste in the field of movie making. They can give a good movie in keeping with the era of viewers. Movies like ‘Poramon-2’ are in this house. They have good taste in making their movies. They are changing Bengali movie. ‘

Shakib Khan, the creator of Bangla movie, responded similarly to Jazz Multimedia, the country’s largest publicity company. King Khan said after shooting a song item song in FDC on Monday. He also gave a long chat with the present journalists.

Shakib Khan says, There is no headache

During this time Shakib Khan said, “The country’s cinema is being blocked in the daytime. Nobody has any headaches. How many possibilities were our hero and heroine? But in the face of their future uncertainty. The film is not being. Those who are or they are not able to satisfy the audience. Our construction here is not able to hold the present era. That’s why the audience is not coming. I have also recently worked in some movie that did not satisfy me. As far as we say, without the technological improvements to make our movie, the goodness of the movie is never possible.

Shakib Khan said, “There was no shortage of producers in the country at one time. They used to make movies in the competition. But the producers are now extinct species. There are several super hit in the year. Still the producers are not coming in the movie. Earlier, there were fewer producers of small scale producers as well. Many people used to come jointly. But now there is no. Producer is the life of the movie. If they lack, then the industry will have a bad situation.’

He further said, “Today, when my movie are coming from Kolkata, the visitors are stumbling at the cinema. This visitor is not coming when I will be presenting a movie of the country. Why? The only difference is the cleanliness of the building, the colorful frame, the amusement choreography, the stories and the characters can be captured in kolkata.

King Khan said, “The country’s viewers want to see a good movie. We can not meet their needs. The opposite does not come in the audience. It is unfortunate that the hero of his country has to import them to import the hero. It hurts me If we did not go to the division, we would have been able to increase the quality of our work, we would not have seen today’s day. There is still time to concentrate on improving their technical standards to save the film.

Shakib Khan busy for shooting …

When ‘Captain Khan’ ends, King Khan will work in Amitabh Razzar’s ‘Riksha Girl’. Preparing for a shoot of Shahin Sumon is going on. Besides, discussions are going on with some movie of Kolkata.

Recently, ‘Bhajan Alo Ray’ was released in Dhaka under the SAFTA contract. Another movie called ‘Nakab’ is waiting for the release. The film is being released in Kid-ul-azha in Kolkata. Then it will come in Bangladesh. Shakib Khan’s ‘Captain Khan’ film will be released on Bangladesh in Kid-ul-azha.