Finally Seven changes coming to WhatsApp!

According to various news reports, a number of new features will be added to WhatsApp. This includes simultaneous use of WhatsApp on multiple devices, messenger-like reactions, design changes, and more.

They may be added in the upcoming update of the communication app on Android and iOS operating systems. According to a website called WA Beta Info, they are working on the upcoming benefits and changes in WhatsApp.

Let’s take a look at the upcoming benefits. However, many have already had the opportunity to use it on an experimental basis.

‘Community’ in WhatsApp group chat

Administrators will have more access to group chat control through communities. This can be used to open small groups (subgroups) within groups. Subgroups will also have end-to-end encryption.

Using WhatsApp on all four devices simultaneously

In terms of experimental use (beta), many WhatsApp users are already getting the benefit of multi-devices.

Now, as an account in WhatsApp can be used only on a smartphone, even if you want to use it from a computer, you have to keep the original smartphone connected to the internet, then there will be no such restriction.

WhatsApp can then be used on up to four devices at once, without the need to keep the primary smartphone connected online.

Seven Changes Coming To WhatsApp!
Finally Seven changes coming to WhatsApp! 3

Novelty in the facility to delete messages automatically

Last year, WhatsApp introduced the feature of de-appearing messages, meaning deleting messages automatically after a certain period of time.

Until then, these messages would be automatically deleted after seven days. However, two options of 90 days and 24 hours are being added to the beta version.

Who can see your information can be fixed

The last time a user was online on WhatsApp is understood by watching ‘Last Scene’. The new feature allows you to control who can see the last scene as well as the user’s status, profile picture, description (about) etc. and who can’t.

So far, Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody have options. From now on, users will be able to set a fourth option called ‘My Contacts Except’ for those who do not want to see it.

Reactions are coming like Instagram-Messenger

WhatsApp can also be used to add reactions (likes, likes, etc.) to a message on Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

The reactions will be shown below the message as usual and everyone will be able to see it in the case of group messages.

Voice messages can be heard before sending

In the case of voice messages, it may be helpful to listen before sending. If it seems inappropriate, it can be deleted before sending.

With so many days off the record, users would be able to delete the entire message if they wanted to, but in that case the recipient would receive a notification.

The design of the contact card is changing

The information that shows up when you tap someone’s name on your contact list on WhatsApp is the contact card. In the new version, it is heard that the design of the card will change.

The screenshot shows the info button next to the name. And the profile picture doesn’t look square like before, it looks round.