School College List of Dhaka City & Contact Number

School College List & Contact Number of Dhaka City You Want to know. Yes you will get here all school-college list & Contact address in this report.

Capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka City has the largest number of schools, colleges and universities of any Bangladeshi city. The education system is divided into 5 levels: Primary (from grades 1 to 6), Junior (from grades 6 to 8), Secondary (from grades 9 to 10), Higher Secondary (from grades 11 to 12) and tertiary.

We Published here all School & College List with Contact Number in dhaka city.

Dhaka City School College List

Azimpur Area
Agrani School & College, Azimpur, Tel: +88-02-500644
Azimpur Womens College, Azimpur, Tel: +88-02-503023

Baridhara-Basundhara Area
High School Counsellor, Baridhara, Tel: 882-2452, 882-2860, 882-2414
Ecole Française Internationale de Dacca, Baridhara, Tel: 882-4056
International School Dhaka, Basundhara. R/A, Tel: 881-7101-7

Badda Area
Badda College, Badda

Banani Area
Gulshan College, Banani, Tel: +88-02-8811456

Demra Area
Dania College, Damra, Tel: +88-02-242591/9341685

Dhanmondi Area
Master Mind, Dhanmondi R.A. Tel: 913-0878
Maple Leaf International School, Dhanmondi R.A. Tel: 912-5510; 911-5550; 815-4934
Radiant International School, Dhanmondi, Tel: 913-0775; 811-8141; 812-5434
Bangladesh Home Economics College, Dhanmondi R/A, Tel: +88-02-9672700
College of Development Alternative (CODA), Dhanmondi
City College, Dhanmondi, Tel: +88-02-8610294/509847
Imperial College, Dhanmondi, Tel: +88-02-8610245/9671448
Model College, Dhanmondi R/A, Tel: +88-02-9113703
Presidency College, Dhanmondi, Tel: +88-02-9111746
Dr. Malika College, Dhanmondi R/A, Tel: +88-02-8118285
Ideal College, Dhanmondi, Tel: +88-02-507858
Meherunnisa Girls School & College, Dhanmondi, Tel: +88-02-507079
University Womens Federation College, Dhanmondi R/A, Tel: +88-02-8613092
New Model Degree College, Dhanmondi, Tel: +88-02-8116100
Stamford College, Dhanmondi, Tel: +88-02-9116108/8119956 Ext. 120
The Scholars School & College, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1209, Tel: +88-02-9124661

Dhaka City School-College List & Contact Number

Farmgate Area

Bikalpa Model College, Indira Rd. Farmgate.
City Royel College, Monipuri Para Farmgate, Tel: +88-02-9133849
Oriental College, Farmgate, Tel: +88-02-9117888
Public College, Green Road, Farmgate, Tel: +88-02-9136620 / 8130821
Ideal Commerce College, Framgate, Tel: +88-02-9115192/9138394/9137371
Tejgaon College, Farmgate, Tel: +88-02-8116066

Gulshan Area
Bangladesh International Tutorial, Gulshan. Tel: 882-1065; 882-5983
Manarat Dhaka International School & College, Gulshan 2. Tel: 989-6074 (105); 989-5839 (105); 988-1422
Gulshan Model High School & College, Gulshan-2
Perdana College, Gulshan-1, Tel: +88-02-9888088/9882538
South Point School & College, Gulshan-1, Tel: +88-02-9895153

Jatra bari Area
Dhaka Business Management College, North Jattra Bari, Mobile: 0183-288025

Kamalapur Area
Kamalapur School & College, Kamalapur, Tel: +88-02-7201505

Willes Little Flower Higher Secondary School, Kakrail, Tel: +88-02-9331850

Khilgaon Area
Khilgaon Girls’ School & College, Khilgaon, Tel: +88-02-7214640
Model College, Khilgaon, Tel: +88-02-404316
Khilgaon Girls’ School & College, Khilgaon, Tel: +88-02-7214640
National Ideal College, Khilgaon (Taltala), Tele: +88-02-7219690/7219691

Malibag Area
Abujor Gifari University College, Malibagh, Tel: +88-02-409592

Maghbazar Area
Ispahani School & College, Maghbazar, Tel: +88-02-9332716
Shiddeshwari Degree College, Maghbazar, Tel: +88-02-9339307/409085
Holy Family Public School & College, Magbazar,

Dhaka City School-College List & Contact Number

Mohammedpur Area

St Francis Xavier’s Green Herald International School, Mohammedpur, Tel: 811-4313
Alhaj Makbul Hossain College, Mohammadpur, Tel: +88-02-8116309
Al-Hera College, Mohammadpur, Tel: +88-02-9132561
Dhaka Residential Model College, Mohammadpur, Tel: +88-02-8118834
Dhaka State College, Mohammadpur, Tel: +88-02-913465
Lalmatia Housing Society College, Lalmatia, Tel: +88-02-9114863
Lalmatia Miohila College, Lalmatia, Tel: +88-02-9136932/8116918
Central University College, Mohammadpur, Tel: +88-02-9110614
Mohila College, Mohammadpur, Tel: +88-02-9114442
Mohammadpur Preparatory Girls School & College, Mohammadpur, Tel: +88-02-9114334/ 9112663
National College Home Economics, Lalmatia, Tel: +88-02-8125372/ 8127260/ 0172004544
Nordarn College, Mohammadpur, Tel: +88-02-9142121/8125168
Pioneer College, Mohammadpur, Tel: +88-02-8610245/9671448

Motijheel Area
Arambagh Girls’ Highschool & College, Motijheel, Tel: +88-02-7100931
Ideal School & College, Motijheel, Tel: +88-02-9330177
Motijheel Model High School & College, Motijheel Colony
Notredam College, Motijheel
T & T College, Motijheel, Tel: +88-02-7101810/9333444

Mirpur Area
Banaphol Tribal Greenheart College, Mirpur 13, Tel: +88-02-8024263
Bashir Uddin Ideal High School & Womens College, Mirpur 1, Tel: +88-02-9001355
Begum Fazilatunnesa Womens College, Mirpur, Tel: +88-02-9003558
Dhaka Commerce College, Mirpur, Tel: +88-02-8015610/8023338
Education Board Laboratory College, Mirpur-1, Tel: +88-02-9009789
Kalyanpur Girls School & College, Mirpur, Tel: +88-02-9002113
Mirpur College, Mirpur, Tel: +88-02-8014823
Mirpur Girls Ideal Laboratory Institute College, Mirpur-10, Tel: +88-02-9003054
Shah Ali Girls School & College, Mirpur 1, Tel: +88-02-9002426

Nikunja Model College, Nikunja 2, Tel: +88-02-8915648

Sher-e-Bangla T. T. College, Pallabi, Tel: +88-02-8016597
Rajdhani Womens College, Pallabi, Tel: +88-02-9001052


Purana Paltan Girls College, Puranapaltan, Tel: +88-02-9553926

Puran Dhaka
Begum Anwara Girls School & College, Nazimuddin Road, Tel: +88-02-231026
Sheikh Borhanuddin Post Graduate College, Nazimuddin Road, Tel: +88-02-7300201/7300204/7300499/7300536
Sher-e-Bangla Girls School & College, Tikatuli, Tel: +88-02-9550809

Rampura Ekramunnesa Degree College, Rampura, Tel: +88-02-9336841

R K Chowdhury College, Saydabad, Tel: +88-02-7514816

Dhaka Science College, Shiddeshwari, Tel: +88-02-9668775/9353216 /9352499

Viquarunnisa Noon School & College, Baily Road, Tel: +88-02-8319831
Shiddeshwary Womens College, Baily Road, Tel: +88-02-8313310
National College, Shiddeshwari,

Shantinagar Area
Habibullah Bahar College, Shantinagar, Tel: +88-02-408957

Mirza Abbas Womens Degree College, Shajahanpur, Tel: +88-02-9330166

Uttara Area
Aga Khan School, Uttara Model Town, Uttara. Tel: 891-1598, 891-1710
Scholastica, Uttara, Tel: 891-6053; 891-2753; 891-9488; 891-9544
Sunbeam School, Uttara, Tel: 791-2727
International Turkish Hope High School, Uttara. Sector-4. Tel: 895-6999, 896-3722-23
Dhaka Boys College, Uttara, Tel: +88-02-9348616
Dhaka Women College, Uttara, Tel: +88-02-8914884
Holy Child School & College, Uttara, Tel: +88-02 8918480/ 8914939/ 8914051/ 8914039/ 8913882
Uttara Town College, Uttara Model Town, Tel: +88-02-8922508
Rajuk Uttara Model College, Uttar, Tel: +88-02-8912780

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