Salman Khan : What he said in his statement to the police

Mumbai police are worried after Bollywood superstar Salman Khan received death threats. So the police have given strict security to the nephew and his family.

Mumbai Police and Crime Branch are investigating the case. Police have taken Salman Khan’s statement. However, Vaijan said that no one has any enmity with him.

Last Sunday morning, Salman’s father Selim Khan received a flying letter during his morning walk. The letter threatened to kill Salaman.

Upon receiving the letter, Selim Khan lodged an FIR at Bandra police station in the name of unknown persons.

Mumbai police have taken statements from Vaijaan and his two brothers Sohail, Arbaaz and Salim Khan in the interest of investigation.

Asked if he had any connection with gangsters Goldie Brar and Lawrence Vishnoi, Salman told Mumbai police: “I don’t suspect anyone about the threatening letter.

Nowadays I have no enmity with anyone. In 2016, I first met Lawrence Vishnu. Because he threatened me. But I don’t know who Goldie Brar is. “

Asked if he had received any threats from anyone, he said, “No, I have not received any threats from anyone. I haven’t had a fight with anyone in the last few days. Nor have I received any threats by phone or text message.

My father received the threatening letter. When he went for a walk on Sunday morning, he received the letter. So I have no reason to suspect anyone. ‘

Police are trying to find out if gangster Lawrence Vishnu or Goldie Brar had a hand in the letter threatening to kill him. Because Lawrence Vishnu had earlier threatened to kill his nephew.

Salman is busy shooting for his upcoming film ‘Kavi Eid Kavi Diwali’. He flew to Hyderabad to shoot this film. It was reported yesterday that the name of the film has been changed to ‘Vaijaan’.

Pooja Hegde will be seen opposite Salman in the film. And Shehnaz Gill is going to set foot in Bollywood through this film. Besides, Salman will be seen in ‘Tiger Three’.

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Police took Salman Khan’s statement, 200 CCTVs confiscated

Last Sunday morning, Salman Khan and his father Selim Khan were threatened with death. And since then, the Mumbai police have stepped in to investigate the case. Now some information related to this case has come to the fore.

Selim Khan received a flying letter during his morning visit last Sunday. The letter threatened to kill him and Salman. Upon receiving the letter, Selim Khan lodged an FIR against the unidentified persons at the Bandra police station.

Since then, the Mumbai police have stepped up security for Salman and his family. It is learned that the police are busy investigating the case day and night.

Mumbai police have recorded the statements of four people. The four are Selim Khan, Salman, and his two brothers Arbaaz and Sohail.

Police have also started investigation by collecting CCTV footage of the area around Salman’s Galaxy residence. It is learned that they have seized more than two hundred CCTV footages so far.

Police have confiscated a CCTV 20-30 meters away from the bench from which Selim Khan received the flying letter on Sunday morning. It is learned that the bench could not be seen in the CCTV footage due to the vegetation.