Salman Khan stood by 40,000 Bollywood workers

This time Salman Khan stood by the side of 40,000 Bollywood workers. The second wave of epidemic coronavirus has created a terrible situation in India. Lockdowns have been issued in various states of the country, including Mumbai, to prevent the spread of the virus.

And in this lockdown, various activities including shooting of movies have come to a standstill. Many people involved in cinema have become unemployed. This time, Salman Khan, the famous Bollywood actor, stood by their side.

This information was given in a report of Indian media G News on Friday (May 7). Like last year, he is giving financial support to those involved in the Bollywood industry.

According to Indian media, Salman Khan is donating a total of Rs 6 crore by depositing Rs 1,500 in the bank accounts of about 40,000 Bollywood workers. Where 25,000 workers work in the Federation of Western India Cinema Industry.

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Salman Khan stood by 40,000 Bollywood workers 3

Salman Khan Stood By 40,000 Bollywood Workers

The remaining 15,000 women workers are working in various studios of Film city. Not only that, Salman Khan is also giving them a month’s ration. From Bollywood technicians to makeup artists, stuntmen, boom men, spotboys, she has helped everyone with this money.

BN Tiwari, secretary of the Federation of Western Indian Cine Employees, sent Khan a list of some of the artisans who needed financial help. Seeing this list, Khan immediately started working hard and extended a helping hand.

Earlier, Salman’s company worked in collaboration with the youth wing of Shiv Sena. They handed over food packets to about 5,000 Corona fighters, including doctors, nurses and municipal workers.