Sachin Tendulkar was released from the hospital

Legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has been released from the hospital after being released from the coronavirus. In the meantime, he has returned home. He confirmed the matter in a tweet on Thursday evening. He said that even if he is released from Corona, he will stay in isolation at home for some more time.

Earlier, Sachin Tendulkar himself had reported on social media that he had contracted corona. He said that mild symptoms of Covid19 were found in his body. According to Master Blaster, he has placed himself in the home quarantine in a stable condition in accordance with government rules.

Releasing a statement on Twitter on Saturday morning, Tendulkar said, I was getting tested and taking all possible precautions to keep covid away. But today my coronavirus report came back positive after the mucus symptoms. Everyone else in the house reported negative.

Meanwhile, former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen became embroiled in controversy by tweeting on the day Sachin Tendulkar was attacked by Corona.

Sachin Tendulkar Was Released From The Hospital

He tweeted, “Someone tell me, why do you need to declare to the whole world that you are not infected?” In response, former India star cricketer Yuvraj Singh wrote, ‘Do you think so today? Never thought of that before? ‘

Petersen then wrote that he did not know about Sachin’s corona attack. He also wished Sachin a speedy recovery. In another tweet, Petersen later wrote, “I asked a very simple and innocent question, why do so many people announce on social media platforms that they are infected with corona.”

The answer is to tell the people around you that those who have come in contact should get a corona test. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.” On Saturday, Sachin tweeted that he had contracted corona. Later on Saturday night, Sachin’s teammate Yusuf Pathan also tweeted that he too had contracted corona.

The two cricketers recently played together in the Road Safety World Series for India Legends. They also made the Indian team the champion in this competition. After that they were attacked by Corona.