Redmi note 7 coming in the market!

Redmi Note 7 is going to come out in the market to give a note to the Six. Although Xiaomi did not know directly, then their new model Note Seven could come very soon in the market.

Note Seven’s name came forward in a renowned website titled China Tena. Since then the speculation has started.

Note Five and Note Five Pro models have made a great reputation in the market. Note Six Market is also good now. Customers have already given positive feedback.

So Xiaomi is going to bring new models to the market. Redmi note Seven designs on the website of China came in front. Seeing the red and golden color gradients, Xiaomi fans can fall in love with this phone.

Again, the price will be in the budget. This new model of Xiaomi will give Redmi 2 Pro and Honor Seven an excel. So far it has been known that this phone will be 6.3 inches.

Redmi note 7
Redmi note 7 coming in the market! 3

Redmi note 7 coming in the market!

Redmi Note 7 Battery backup: 3900 MHz Xiaomi will take note of the difference between the three memory phones of note seven. More about this new model is not known.

The Xiaomi authorities did not open the issue. When this phone will come to India after being released in China, Xiaomi will tell.

Rumors have been going on in the market for a long time in note seven. A poster has been seen, the first time to launch 48 megapixel phones, Redmi.

That note will be in the seven models! It was known that there may be 675 Snapdragon octavos processor and 4000 MHz battery. And Android will work on nine-pie platform. 10 January is going to be released. But Xiaomi did not tell what would be the feature of Note Seven.