Prothom Alo First, Then….. ?

Daily Prothom Alo ( is the popular Online media in Bangladesh, Now. Website rating site Alexa Ranking, the site is currently 4 position in Bangladesh.

No other media is on the list before. In Bangladesh, it is in the previous position –, and

This is the latest report by As the Bangladeshi media, the Prothom-alo is at First place. Daily Jugantor ( in the secound position in the list.

The Alexa ranking is at number 5 in Bangladesh. And in the third place as the Bangladeshi media, Daily Kaler Kantho ( Ranking in position 8.

Alexa’s list is followed by Daily Bangladesh Prathidin ( Which has 11 in the list.

First of all, World Ranking of the Daily Prothom Alo 499 And Daily Jugantor In the world ranking 1177. Kaler Kantho has the world ranking at 2026. And Bangladesh Pratidin has 2,809.

Everyday visitors of the Prothom Alo of the information given by Alexx visit the site of 14 minutes 32 seconds. Every visitor visits five pages on average. 9.10 percent online users came to the site through search.

Every day visitors of the daily Jugantar visit the site for 7 minutes and 1 seconds. Visitors visits more than 3 pages on average. 3.70 percent online users came to the site through search.

Per visitors of Kaler Kantho visits the site for 5 minutes and 36 seconds. Every visitor visits more than 2 pages on average. 4.40 percent online users came to the site through search.

Every visitor of Bangladesh Pratidin visits the site every 17 minutes and 2 seconds. Visitors has visited more than 6 pages. 7.70 percent online users come to the site through the search.

Prothom Alo First, Then..... ? 3

Prothom Alo First, The popularity List

1. Prothom Alo (Ranking 4 in Bangladesh)
2. Daily Jugantor (Ranking 5 in Bangladesh)
3. Kaler Kantho (Ranking 8 in Bangladesh)
4. Bangladesh Pratidin (ranking 11 in Bangladesh)
5. Daily Star (Ranking 28 in Bangladesh)
6. Bangladesh Journal (Ranking 36 in Bangladesh)
7. Samakal (Ranking 40 in Bangladesh)
8. Daily Inqilab (Ranking 49 in Bangladesh)
9. Daily Ittefaq (Ranking 50 in Bangladesh)
10. Daily Amader Shomoy (Ranking 77 in Bangladesh)