Actress Porimoni Said, I like criticism in life

Popular heroine of Bengali cinema Porimoni has been in discussions for the last few days.

Not by movies; Some bitter experiences of personal life have exhausted the heroine.

He is also suffering from physical illness.

Last week, Porimoni filed a case alleging rape and attempted murder.

After this case, allegations have surfaced that she vandalized the Gulshan Club at midnight.

There has been a mixed reaction to this through social media. Many have been criticized.

Actress Porimoni has given a message to her critics. In a Facebook post on Saturday, the actress captioned a photo of herself: “I like criticism, it always makes me stronger.”

Although he has won the support of many because of his courageous position, some have spoken out against his personal life.

In this status given to them, one well-wisher wrote in support of porimoni: ‘It does not take merit to criticize, it takes merit to be criticized.

No matter how much the detractors condemn, you will have a place in the hearts of true lovers. ‘

One from kolkata wrote: ‘We like you very much from kolkata. Don’t worry, you will get justice one day. ‘

On the evening of 13 June, Porimoni had demanded justice from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on her verified Facebook page alleging rape and attempted murder.

The actress called a press conference at her Banani residence at 10 pm to give details of the incident.

At the press conference, Porimoni alleged that four days ago, businessman Nasiruddin Mahmud misbehaved with her at the Dhaka Boat Club in Ashulia and physically abused her.

He went to Banani police station to file a case but did not get any help.

The next day, on Monday morning, the actress filed a case against six people at Savar Model Police Station alleging rape and attempted murder.

porimoni | Collected

Porimoni Issue : Brawl in the Indian media!

Hours after the case, police arrested five people, including main accused Nasiruddin Mahmud and Tuhin Siddiqui Ami.

The next day, an elite club in Gulshan accused Porimoni of vandalism, which the heroine denied.

Porimoni made her big screen debut in 2015 with the film ‘Bhalobasa Seemahin’.

He has several popular Bollywood movies in his possession.

In December last year, Parimani was the only star in Bangladesh to be included in Forbes’ list of Asia’s 100 Digital Stars.

India has responded to allegations of attempted torture and rape of a porimoni.

The newspapers of West Bengal are going through one update after another especially about Parimani.

Kolkata’s influential daily Anandabazar, Hindustan Times, this time, Kolkata 27, G Ghanta and several other media outlets are reporting on the incident.

The day after Parimani’s incident came to light, the news was published in the daily Anandabazar.

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