People of Sylhet travel more, Cox’s Bazar at the top of choice

The people of Sylhet travel the most. Mymensingh residents visit the least.

Among the sights of the country, tourists prefer to visit Cox’s Bazar, Patenga in Chittagong and Kuakata beach in Patuakhali.

The Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) conducted the survey. The results of the survey, titled ‘Tourism Satellite Accounts’, were released last week.

What time of year do you prefer to travel? In answer to this question, one of the tourists must say something different.

However, according to the survey, December is the top month for tourists to travel in the country.

Their second and third preferred months are June and January respectively.

Officials at the government agency said the survey was conducted to find out the number of tourists in the country and the amount of travel expenditure and the contribution of the tourism sector to the gross domestic product (GDP).

The survey began in March last year, just before the corona outbreak spread in the country.

The BBS has surveyed those who have spent more than one night wandering outside as tourists.

According to the survey, the contribution of the tourism sector to the GDP is now 3.2 percent, which is about 77 thousand crore in Bangladeshi currency.

The top 13 percent of respondents to the survey said they prefer December to travel. Because, the environment and weather are more favorable this month.

Educational institutions are also closed. Then the preferred time is June and January.

People Of Sylhet Travel More, Cox's Bazar At The Top Of Choice
People of Sylhet travel more, Cox's Bazar at the top of choice 3

People Of Sylhet Travel More, Cox’s Bazar At The Top Of Choice

On a regional basis, the people of Sylhet division travel the most in the country and abroad.

About 18 percent of the households in this department travel. The second highest 15 percent people travel to Rajshahi division.

The Dhaka division is in the third position, where 14% of the people travel. And the people of Mymensingh are the most backward in travel, only 6 percent of the people travel here.

Abu Taher Mohammad Shoaib, president of the Sylhet Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the financial condition of the people of Sylhet is better than others as they are expatriates.

That is why they are more prone to travel. Apart from that, many relatives of the people of this area live abroad. So the people here go around the country more.

According to BBS, Cox’s Bazar beach is one of the top tourist destinations in Bangladesh. A maximum of 16 percent of tourists prefer to visit the world’s longest beach.

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