Ownership changes, Decline Twitter users

The world’s richest man and CEO of Tesla Elon Musk shocked the tech world by announcing the purchase of Twitter. He announced this in exchange for 44 billion dollars last April. Six months have passed since then, but he has not yet officially bought Twitter due to various conditions and negotiations.

Regardless of whether Elon Musk owns it or the current administration, Twitter’s active user base is rapidly declining. This information was revealed in an internal study of the small blog writing site. Twitter considers people who log in six or seven days a week and tweet three to four times as active users. According to research data, the number of active users on Twitter is only 10 percent of the total users.

However, 90 percent of Twitter’s business or income is generated through these users. Since the start of the Corona pandemic, the number of active users has been decreasing.

According to research data, there has been a change in the interest of English-speaking active users in the last two years. Many of them are losing interest in news, sports and entertainment. As a result, Twitter is losing users in countries including the US, UK, and Canada, which could make the site less attractive to advertisers in the future.

A Twitter spokesperson said of the internal document, “We regularly research events that happen around the world. Our overall user growth rate continues. Currently, the number of active users on Twitter is around 238 million.

Twitter allows you to edit tweets

Twitter is going to launch ‘Edit Tweet’ next month in compliance with the long-standing demand of users. This feature can be used to edit the spelling or information of published tweets (messages on Twitter). The small blog writing site will initially open this facility to a limited number of users.

Tweets published using the ‘Edit Tweet’ feature can be edited within 30 minutes. Editing tweets will add special symbols below the edited tweets. As a result, other users will know that the text of the tweet has been edited. Not only that, how long after publication the tweet has been edited can also be seen.

Twitter said that the functionality of the ‘Edit Tweet’ button is currently being tested. Initially, this facility will be opened for users of ‘Twitter Blue’ service. Twitter has not commented on when the facility will be open to general users.

Note that the ‘Twitter Blue’ service can be used in exchange of money. The service includes the opportunity to test all the new features of Twitter before other users. The service is currently available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Hackers are collecting information by threatening to cancel accounts

Twitter gives users a blue checkmark on their accounts after verifying their identity. The micro-blogging site gives a blue tick to the accounts of Twitter users who are usually in important positions in the society, including stars, politicians, journalists, sportsmen.

Many see it as a symbol of dignity. And so a group of cybercriminals are collecting various personal information including Twitter account passwords, e-mail addresses from users by threatening to cancel verified accounts.

The message sent by the cybercriminals said, ‘Hello user. Your blue ticked account has been detected as spam. The form has to be filled for application in this regard. If not filled, the blue tick will be canceled from the account.’

Elon Musk in Twitter office sink

According to the court’s ruling, Elon Musk must sign an agreement to buy Twitter by October 28. The purchase agreement for 4 thousand 4 billion dollars should be done.

Musk also tried to get out of the deal. But the court has said that the contract of purchase must be concluded, otherwise the fine must be paid. Before the end of the timeline, Elon Musk broke into Twitter’s office in San Francisco with a sink. He changed his bio (identity) after visiting the office. Posted a video about it.

Last May, Elon Musk tried to back out of the deal to buy this social media. He alleged that the company was not providing accurate information about the number of Twitter bots and spam accounts. This led to an argument between the two parties and they filed a case against each other. Earlier this month, Musk changed his mind again. He said that he will take forward the agreement by following the main conditions.