Oscar-winning Chloe Zhao is neglected in her own country!

Chinese female producer Chloe Zhao has won the Best Director award at the 93rd Academy Awards. Not only that, his film ‘Nomadland‘ also won the Best Picture award. She also holds the Oscar title for being the first female producer in Asia.

The world famous production company Marvel Studios has a big budget action movie ‘Eternal’ in its hands. Western-science fiction has a picture work with the character Dracula.

Whether the creator is so busy and talented, he is neglected in his own country, expatriate! Lives in America! Although no obstacle was heard for him to return or live in his own country, the people of his country did not see such a great achievement as Oscar! It’s wonderful.

According to Reuters, China’s broadcasting authorities had decided in March this year that they would not show the Oscars on online streaming platforms.

Chloe Zhao
Chloe Zhao | Collected

Oscar-Winning Chloe Zhao Is Neglected In Her Own Country!

Not only that, there was no news or picture of him waving his trophy in any Chinese TV! Hong Kong’s popular TV channel TVB has been showing Oscar programs for the last 59 years. But they also decided not to broadcast this year’s Oscar. What was the anger towards Chloe Zhao!

According to the Washington Post, Chloe Zhao made some “offensive” remarks about China on social media some time ago. That may be the reason why the country’s authorities may be angry with him. However, they could not give any definite information about the matter.

However, Chloe Zhao is quite satisfied with her country if she does not show the news of her arrival in China. She was in Beijing until he was 14 years old. Carrying the Oscar trophy in his hand, he smiled and praised his homeland China.