Nuhash polli Visit only 180 tk.

Nuhash polli gazipur has naturalness near Dhaka. It is well known as family entertainment center and shooting spot. Hotepara Bazar is about 12 kilometers away from Gazipur crossing. Nuhash polli located in Pirujali village, 8 kilometers away from there.

According to Humayun Ahmed’s eldest son Nuhash Humayun, the name of the village was named ‘Nuhash Polli’. Green grass carpet will be seen in front of the main gate of Nuhash Polly, situated on 40 bighas of land. The eyes and mind of someone who sees them will be two. If you want you can visit Nuhash polli And the cost is just about 180 Bangladeshi taka.

Which will see in Nuhash polli

After the entrance to Nuhash Polli, you will see a beautiful green valley on the left hand side. Story & drama Magician Humayun Ahmed is lying in the litchi garden on the left side of this desert. As you move through the entrance of Nuhash Polli, you will see the local architect Asaduzzaman Khan’s ‘Mother and Child’ sculpture.

Children and frogs are sculpted to entertain the children. It has been made near the zigzag swimming pool. Humayun Ahmed swim in Swimming pool about India’s renowned writer Sunil Gangopadhyay. Coming out of the swimming pool, one sees Humayun Ahmed’s cottage, chess house and prayer place.

Next, ‘Bristy bilash’ cottage with a huge barandas. Humayun Ahmed sat on the verandah of this cottage and liked seeing rain and full moon. On the opposite side is his famous Tree House. There is a medicinal plant garden in the polli. Besides, there are about 300 species of different species of trees.

The shooting spot made of tin and clay is behind the medicinal plant gardens. In front of the garden there are fishery and monster statues. Dinosaur statue has been made with concrete.

Lilabati Dighi is in the all-parallel of Nuhash polli. The artificial island, which is connected to a wooden bridge in the middle of this dighi There is another building called ‘Bhoot Bilis’ beside the Lilabati dighi.

How to go

The first to go Nuhash Polli is come to Hottapara bus stand of Gazipur. Several bus services from Dhaka to Pravati, Banasree or ittadi. From Dhaka to Hotepara, the bus will be rented at 50 to 80 taka. From Hotapara bus stand to temples, rickshaw or CNG, go to Nuhash Polli. The tempo will cost between Tk 40 to 50. Rickshaw will be charged between Tk 50 to 60 and CNG charges will be Tk 120 to Tk 150. If you want to go your own private car, you can visit.

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