New design and great features are coming to YouTube

YouTube has entered the 17th year of its journey, and the platform has been revamped to mark the occasion. Along with some new features, this is the first major design change on YouTube. In this post, you will know more about the changes and new features of YouTube.

YouTube User interface

The YouTube web version and mobile app have been completely revamped. Apart from the previous design, a touch of innovation has come to the user interface of YouTube. All users will see this YouTube change in browser and app.

Color dominates YouTube’s new user interface. Team YouTube has tried to innovate the design without changing the familiar habits of the users. Ambient Mode is YouTube’s new design theme, which is well-liked during testing.

The ambient mode effect is given to the colors displayed in the videos and background colors of the app using dynamic color sampling which looks quite nice. The background around the video player will show the ambient light according to the color in the video, which is reduced by coming down.

If you look at the picture, you will get a better understanding of these changes and new features. Also, the dark theme has been updated to look better on all devices.

Changes have also come to the channel page. From now on, if you enter the channel, you will see the channel name, description, subscription options, etc. at the top and home, videos, shorts, etc. are arranged in the form of tabs at the bottom. This design looks very modern. However, it will take some time for this feature to reach all devices.

Links in video descriptions will now be displayed as buttons. Besides, the most used features like like, share and download have been formatted together for easy access. The subscribe button is no longer red in color as before, but access to the subscribe button on the channel page and watch page has been made much easier. In addition, the rounded corner feature has been added in place of the previous flat design throughout YouTube, which can be seen in all UI elements and video thumbnails.

youtube new design
New design and great features are coming to YouTube 3

Youtube Playlist

The design changes also spread to playlists. The ambient background feature of the video player can also be found in playlists. Enter a playlist and you will see the thumbnail of the playlist at the top and the videos below. YouTube has finally updated the playlist feature to show more information in the playlist.

Pinch to zoom

Finally, the pinch to zoom feature has arrived on YouTube, using this feature you can easily zoom in and zoom out on videos on iOS and Android phones. After pinching, the video will be zoomed in. That is, you don’t have to press and hold to zoom.

Precise Seeking

Sometimes a small thing is missed while watching a video or tutorial, but many people find rewinding or fast forwarding a video a bit complicated. Precise Seeking is going to solve this problem. Drag or swipe up while searching on desktop and mobile devices to see thumbnails in the video player. Then you can drag the part of the video you want to drag very precisely.