New Call Rate Decided Mobile Phone Companys

New Call Rate Decided Mobile Phone Companys. Today, from midnight on Monday, the minimum single call rate for mobile phones is going up to 45 Paisa. As a result, there is no off-net and on-net facility for talking on mobile phones.

Calling on the same operator number, it is called On-net and other operators are called Off-net. The maximum call rate will be 2 Taka as before.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has sent instructions to all mobile phone operators to implement this directive on Monday. Operators have also started preparing to implement this instruction.

Acting chairman of BTRC Jahurul Haque said, From now on there is no off net and on net facility to speak on mobile phones. The minimum limit for call rate is 45 paisa. The maximum limit is 2 taka So the minimum price for calling on the same operator (on-net) was 25 paisa and the minimum price for calling the other operator (off-net) was 60 paisa.

If it was not done, small operators would have been affected in market competition. According to the new call rate, mobile phone operators will now set new prices for customers

New Call Rate
New Call Rate Decided Mobile Phone Companys 3

Old & New Call Rate

Operators claim, reducing the cost of calling the customer to the new call rate. Because the minimum value in the on net call was 25 paisa, but in reality, this type of call would cost the customer 40 Paisa.

And the cost of the call to other operators, ie other operators, from 90 Paisa to 1 Taka 45 paisa. Ongoing call rates will increase the cost of on-net calls by 5 Paisa, but the cost of the off call will be reduced to 45 to 50 paisa. This will give customers the advantage of the backlog operator.

According to the information received by mobile phone operators, 90 percent of calls from Grameenphone are now on-net, 10 percent of call offsite. On the other hand, 10 percent of the government-owned operator Teletalk is on the on-net and 90 percent of the calls are off-net. Robi and Banglalink’s on net-off net calls 70 and 30 percent.