Lionel Messi-s contract could be extended for another 3 years

The Argentine star is set to sign a three-year deal with Barcelona‘s Lionel Messi. This June, Messi’s contract with Barcha will expire. Before that, Barcha president Laporta wants to complete a three-year contract with Messi.

However, sometimes there was talk of moving to PSG or Manchester City. But Laporta says Messi will stay at Bara. Lionel Messi will have a three-year contract for the first two years and a game for both sides in the last one year.

When it comes to taking Messi, he is worried about his salary. Messi’s current salary is 65 million pounds. There are doubts whether Messi will be able to keep Barcelona in this salary.

lionel Messi
lionel Messi | Collected pic

Lionel Messi-S Contract Could Be Extended For Another Three Years

Because the burden of debt is on the shoulders of Bara. Barcelona wants to reduce the salaries of their players. An acceptable salary structure will be created for the players. There are also rumors about whether Messi will be included in the pay cut table.

Barcha president thinks Messi will stay. His confidence, the way he talks to Messi will not change. Messi’s teammate Gerard Pique said that he believes that Barcelona will cooperate in every way to keep Messi.

Pique said he has been watching Messi for months. This means that the salary talks with Messi have gone well. It is important for a player to be happy. “Messi is the captain of the team,” Pique said. His presence on the field gives additional motivation to other players.